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DIY Threaded Heart Cake Topper

DIY Threaded Heart Cake Topper

Victoria of City Cradle created this absurdly adorable cake topper using just starched thread and a toothpick! From Victoria: These threaded heart toppers were used in a recent Fall harvest engagement brunch topping individual plates of pancakes. They would be amazing at a wedding as well topping anything from appetizers to desserts, and in a taller grouping perhaps a very sweet way to top a cake!

They are cheap and very easy to put together.

thread stiff yarn heart cake topper

What you’ll need:
– Embroidery thread
– Glue/water mixture
– Wax paper
– Wooden toothpick or skewer

fall harvest pumpkin bowl pancake heart topper

diy thread yarn heart cake topper

diy thread yarn heart cake topper

Step 1. Cut your thread to desired length and dredge thread completely in the glue/water mixture (two parts water to one part glue).

Step 2. Cover a baking sheet or other flat surface with wax paper.

stiff yarn heart wedding cake topper

Step 3. While still wet layout your thread and mold into desired shape. Let dry for 24 hours.

Step 4. Once dry peel your hearts off of the wax paper and use a dab of glue to secure the bottom to a wooden tooth pick or kitchen skewer for a taller effect.

Step 5. Stick your picks into your appetizer or desserts to make a very lovely homemade impact on your special day:)

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