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DIY String Wedding Sign

DIY String Wedding Sign

String art seems to fit our Mexican theme to day like a glove. The cacti in the desert inspired us for our next project, perfect for a summer wedding. Yelena of The Stylish Soiree, created this script string wedding sign for us, so perfect for a Cinco de Mayo party. For this DIY, don’t be afraid to go big! You can make a giant welcome sign for your guests, or a witty backdrop for your altar. We adore the idea of playing with different shades of the same color for an ombre effect, keeping with our Mexican-inspired decor. Without further ado, here’s Yelena:

string art wedding sign

Step 1. Choose a font to use, write out the desired message (or the couple’s names) and print out in a large size font. If you want to place in an 8 x 10 frame, be sure that the letters fill up a good portion of the printed page.

Step 2. Cut out the names with a small pair of scissors, then use tape to tape them down in the desired location on the foam core board.

string art wedding sign

Step 3. Begin pinning around the outside of the paper words (it’s okay to pin through the tape as needed) until everything is outlined in pins. Don’t forget to pin the inside of the letters as well as the outline. Handy Tip: This is easiest if you work from left to right (or right to left if you are left handed) so you don’t have to worry about knocking out any pins you’ve already placed.

string art wedding sign

Step 4. Once the words are completely pinned, remove the paper from the inside of the pins as well as any tape. Handy Tip: If the tape is stuck under the pin, a pair of tweezers will easily pull it up without messing up any of the carefully placed pins.

string art wedding signstring art wedding sign

Step 5. Tie a small, loos knot in the first thread color you’d like to begin with, and loop it around the top of a pin. Tighten the knot until it’s firm, and then begin wrapping all of the little pins with the thread to fill in the gaps between the pins. Handy Tips: Always make sure to outline the words along the perimeter as well as criss cross back and forth between the gaps to make the word easy to read. Also, if your thread keeps popping up and won’t stay in place, periodically wrap the thread 360 degrees around the pin you’re working on. This technique keeps the string anchored and secure.

string art wedding sign

Step 6. When you reach the end of one color (or decide you want to switch to another color), instead of trying to tie another tiny knot, it’s easiest to use a small dot of clear hot glue to affix the end of the string to the pin. Then use the scissors to snip off the excess thread and keep it looking clean. Begin with the next color by creating a loose knot again and tightening it around the pin where you left off with the previous color.

string art wedding signstring art wedding sign

Step 7. Once all of the letters are wrapped, I used a ruler to measure out the width of an 8 x 10 frame and cut the excess foam core with an exact-o knife. Then, simply pop the finished sign into the frame (be sure to remove the glass front first so the pins can stick out), et voila! You have a lovely three dimensional sign for your event.

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  • so cute! thanks for sharing. i can picture a perfect place in my house to make one of these! it could be a perfect, personalized wedding or engagement gift for a couple too!


  • This is a really cute idea and seems pretty easy to do, I’ll definitely have to give it a try. 🙂

  • Thanks for the amazing idea! I just want to ask, what kind of board did you take (for a base)?
    Thanks a lot!

  • hey I really want to do this for my friend for her birthday and I was just wondering what some other alternatives would be from the foam board cause they can get quite messy when cutting them?? 🙂

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