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DIY Streamer Backdrop

DIY Streamer Backdrop

Inspired by Amy and Stephen’s DIY photobooth backdrop, we decided to try making one ourselves… It’s so easy! You can even give your own twist to this project by arranging the crepe paper strips in geometric patterns like herringbone.

DIY wedding photobooth backdrop

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For this project all you need are streamers in different colors, glue, scissors or paper cutter and a large roll of paper (you can find rolls of paper at places like Home Depot or Staples) as the base for the backdrop. Fold 3 feet pieces in halves, then cut the ends – one on a 45 degree angle and the other straight. Run a line of Elmer’s glue across the base paper and start designing your backdrop. Remember to start from the bottom up! Amy and Stephen tied their backdrop in between trees. If your wedding is indoors, you can make a loop the top edge of your backdrop like a curtain, staple the ends on the back and thread it through a curtain rod 🙂

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