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DIY Sketchbook Wedding Favors

DIY Sketchbook Wedding Favors

We have one more entry for today! Brittni‘s last submission was this sketchbook wedding favor project that we’re obsessing over. Loving blind embossed paper and the colorful threads used to bind the little books.

 diy wedding favor ideas

 blind embossed wedding

 diy sketchbook wedding favors

What you’ll need:

– Needle and thread (or embroidery floss)
– Scissors
– Blank sheets of paper (consider using a thicker weight than standard printer paper) and blank letterpress cards
– Optional: bookbinding awl and paper cutter. The most important materials though are the letterpress cards that you choose. I chose a blind embossed eyelet lace set from Pistachio Press. Look for letterpress sets with multiple cards to save even more money, and use an A2 size card (4.25 x 5.5 inches).

 diy binding mini book favors

 do-it-yourself binding book

 diy sketchbook

Step 1. Measure the letterpress cards you are using, and then with a paper cutter or a pair of scissors, cut the sheet in half horizontally. Now you have two halves of paper that are of equal size.

Step 2. Trim about 1/4 inch off of your newly cut sheets all the way around the edges. Then fold sheets in half (hamburger style this time) and stick the pages inside your letterpress card.

Step 3. Trim any excess so that it fits neatly into your letterpress card. There shouldn’t be too many problems with that though since we already trimmed the pages before folding them in half.

Step 4. Next, turn to the middle section of your newly formed booklet. Using a stab or bookbinding awl, create three evenly spaced holes down the spine of your booklet.

Step 5. Use your needle and thread or embroidery floss to go through the three holes as if you are binding a book. Then tie the thread or embroidery floss off and cut off any excess. Thats it- all done.

Use the finished product for yourself, as a gift around the holidays, or as a thoughtful favor for weddings and parties.

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  • This is such a clever little thing to do, it would be awesome to use at smaller parties, with perhaps a theme to each booklet, to keep people occupied if needed.

  • Cutie! Because I’m an art teacher and my husband is an artist, at our wedding we had guest book sketch books. We put a sketchbook with a personalized cover on every table, along with colored pencils and markers. They were SO fun to look through after the wedding.

  • What a great idea! My fiancé and I are both artists so this would be a fun idea for our favors! 🙂 I LOVE Mindy’s idea too!

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