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DIY Nautical Rope Vase

DIY Nautical Rope Vase

Colleen’s DIY entry is so perfect for nautical, vintage or rustic wedding centerpieces, depending on the type of rope you use – but I’m loving the sisal most.

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What you’ll need:
– Glass or plastic vessels (I bought all my vases from Goodwill for cheap, but you could also use old jars, tin food cans, or plastic canisters depending on the size/shape you’re looking for)
– Natural sisal rope, varying thicknesses (you can find this at a hardware store. I used 1/4″ and 3/8″ diameter rope)
– Wood stir stick or spatula (wood stir sticks are usually free in the paint department of your local hardware store)
– Ceramic tile adhesive (in the tile section of your hardware store)
– Drop cloth or cutting mat to protect your work surface
– Scissors
– Kitchen sponge

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 diy sisal rope centerpieces

Prep: Clean and Dry all vessels to ensure a strong bond with adhesive. Gather all supplies and prepare workspace.

Step 1: With your wooden stir stick or spatula, scoop up a generous amount of tile adhesive and spread an even layer across the bottom and sides of your vessel. (as though you were putting icing on a cake!) If you want the rope to cover the entire vase, apply the adhesive on the entire thing. If you only want the rope to cover a portion of the vase (like my example), apply the adhesive up to the point that you want the rope to stop. You should not be able to see glass through the adhesive – if you do, you didn’t apply it thick enough!

Step 2: After you have applied your adhesive, you will need to work quickly before it begins to set! Begin by wrapping the rope into a coil shape to cover the bottom of your vessel. Once your coil is close to the same size as the bottom of your vessel, press into the adhesive and proceed to step 3…

Step 3: Continue to wrap the rope around the sides of the vessel where you have already applied a layer of adhesive. Try to keep each new row of the rope tight against the neighboring rows so that you do not see any glass or adhesive showing between.

Step 4: To finish the end, cut your rope at an angle so that it will lay flat against the side of your vessel. Apply an extra dollop of adhesive (or even hot glue) to be sure the end is secured to the vessel. This will prevent the rope from unraveling as the adhesive cures. Once complete, wait at least 24 hours for the adhesive to cure before filling with water and assembling your event centerpieces. These vases are a great way to add a nautical charm to a summer wedding, or even use in the fall/winter for a rustic vibe!

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