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DIY Rolodex, Part 2: The Cardbox

DIY Rolodex, Part 2: The Cardbox

Here’s part 2 of the project that was also featured on Snippet and Ink yesterday. This is a continuation of this DIY Project using the leftover materials from the DIY Rolodex.

Part 2: a Cardbox!

Step 1: Sand the box entirely.

Step 2: Spray paint or stain your box and drawers.

Step 3: Cut a 10″x14″ rectangle of a foam sheet (you can also trace the box on the foam). With a x acto knife, cut a slit of 1/4″x6″.

Step 4: Cover the foam with fabric. Flip ip upside down and trace the slit with a sharpie (suggestion: when tracing, just make one straight line. I tried cutting a perfect rectangle slit on the fabric the first try around and it didn’t work because the fabric stretched out).

Step 5: Using adhesive spray, glue the fabric onto the foam board. Cut small chips of foam board and place in the slit until it dries. This will make sure the fabric covering the slit will stick to the foam. I also found out

that red polish nails won’t work well with spray adhesive (my nail polish started to rub on the fabric)…so ladies, make sure you remove your nail polish before working on this project! (I had to learn the hard way, unfortunately)

Step 6: Measure the thickness of the edge of the box. This will be the slack needed to secure the top of the cardbox.

Step 7: Cut a rectangle based on the thicknees of the edges. This rectangle will be slightly smaller than the first one and later it will go underneath the big rectangle.

Step 8: Make a frame with the smaller rectangle (see photo below).

(note the foam chips in the slit holding the fabric against the foam board)

Step 9: Cut 4 strips of fabric. They don’t need to be perfectly cut as they will the covering only the edges of the frame (see photo below)

Step 10: Glue the strips of fabric around the frame. Make sure the edges are not bulky, otherwise it won’t fit in the box.

Step 11: After both rectangles are dried, glue them together. This is the trickiest part because they have to be aligned in order to fit (see photo of the finished top) above. Measure twice to glue it once!

To make the flower arrangement on the top of the cardbox:

(disregard the floral tape in the photo…you won’t need it)

See Also

Step 1: snip the flower stems away

Step 2: Cut a 5″x5″ piece of fabric from leftovers. Fold in half. Draw a leaf shape on one side and cut.

Step 3: Cut a wire slightly longer than your leaf. Place the wire on the right side of the fabric and sew (see photo).

Step 4: With a hot glue gun, glue the flowers and the leaves onto the cardbox top.

The final product:

Once the wedding is over, get rid of the top and put the drawers back in. At last, something you can keep and use after the wedding!

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