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DIY Ring Mirror

DIY Ring Mirror

We’re fortunate to have Yoleine of Yellow Bird Events back with us to share how she made the incredible ring mirror displays from her Modern Mediterranean shoot — and we were tickled to see how easy the process is! Read on for a list of supplies and a guide of images from Fondly Forever Photography to help you make your very own:

diy ring mirror

For this project, you will need:
-Glue (I prefer GORILLA GLUE super glue)
-Embroidery hoops in different sizes (up to you on which sizes you prefer)
-Gold spray paint (I like to go with the antique metallic finish, but in any case you can go with any color!)
-Mirrors (in sizes coordinating with hoops)

diy anthropologie ring mirror

1. Spray the rings. Make sure to do a double coating so the wood finish of the knitting ring doesn’t show through.

diy ring mirror

2. Add glue to the base of the ring (this is to prep for gluing to the mirror).

3. Lay the wooden ring flat onto the mirror so the ring is perfectly centered underneath the ring.

diy ring mirror

4. Apply glue to the inside of a larger ring. This will go around the smaller ring.

5. Add ring with mirror to a ring without mirror. The GORILLA GLUE dries pretty quick, but press ring together for a good 20 seconds.

6. You can create as many ring pairs as you’d like. Make sure to have different sizes!

7. Begin to organize how you would like your mirror collage placed.

diy mirror tutorial

8. Once you are satisfied with the placements. Begin to glue the collage together. Please allow 20 seconds for glue to dry, but keep rings flat on ground.

diy mirror tutorials

9. You can then place your finish ring collage on your wall or it could make for a great backdrop for your dessert table or ceremony altar.

diy mirror tutorial

View step-by-step images for this tutorial in the gallery

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