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DIY Recycled Mod Succulent Pots

DIY Recycled Mod Succulent Pots

Peanut cans never looked so posh! Brittni is back with an adorable project with succulents. Everyone loves succulents.

 mini succulent pots

What you’ll need:
– Empty Can(s)
– Succulents (or another plant of your choice)
– Potting Soil
– Hemming Tape
– Craft Glue

 succulents wedding centerpiece ideas

Step 1. Remove all labels and sticky goo from can(s).

Step 2. Secure end of hemming tape to the top of the can with a bead of craft glue. Then begin wrapping the hemming tape around and around the can.

 diy wedding centerpieces on a budget

Step 3. Once the can is fully covered, cut hemming tape and secure end again with bead of glue. Or you could skip the hemming tape all together and keep them plain.

 succulents green wedding

Step 4. Next, add small amount of potting soil to bottom of can.


Step 5. Gently break up the roots from your potted succulent and plant into can.

Step 6. Add more potting soil and enjoy!

These are perfect for decorating around the house, but can also be used as centerpieces or favors at any wedding or party.

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