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DIY Recycled Jar Vases

DIY Recycled Jar Vases

Yasmine sent over this creative and very eco-friendly vase idea for romantic centerpieces. Perfect for a bridal shower, it can be put together in a few minutes by anyone – and I mean, anyone can help you out on this project!

diy eco couture flower vase ideas

What you’ll need:
– Recycled Jars, Tubs, Cans
– Wrapping Paper
– Wax Paper
– White Floral Mesh
– Left over twine
– Left over ribbon
– Scotch Tape
– Scissors
– $40.00 Worth of flowers: Hydrangeas, Amaryllis Belladonna, & Lambs Ear

eco-friendly vase materials ideas
hydrangeas flowers LA flower mart
diy wedding vase ideas

Step 1: Gather your materials, wash out your “vases” to make sure they’re clean, and dry them!

Step 2: Wrap your vases with the different materials, layering it. Attach to the vases using the tape or rubber bands, depending on the container and the look you want. Tie on ribbons, twine or whatever to complete the look.

Step 3: Pour in the water very carefully! Add flowers and, voila, inexpensive and eco-friendly couture vases!

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