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DIY Photo Table Runner

DIY Photo Table Runner

Gianna of Chic Celebrations is going to teach us how to make a photo table runner from our Film and Lace Wedding Shoot shot by Krista Mason. An alternate idea is using vintage post cards, old love notes and even music sheets. So cute!

vintage photo table runner

From Gianna: This is such a fun way to display photos at a wedding or event, and also a fabulous conversation starter. You’ll need a strip of fabric (muslin can be bought at craft stores like Michaels), cut the length you would like your runner to be, but the width of it should be a little thinner than you want (we did ours floor length to add drama to the table) and copies of the photos you’d like to use. Old family wedding photos, engagement photos and childhood photos are perfect for this (if you don’t want to use original photos, you can print copies for a few cents each at cost effective photo printing places like Costco – or simply print them with your printer using photo paper). Our runner was about 9’ long and took about 160 photos (we used 60 photos and duplicated them).

krista mason photography film and lace wedding inspiration

Starting at one end, use a hot glue gun to secure the pictures to the fabric. One small dot goes a long way. Overlap pictures and let them hang off the edges, don’t be afraid of covering up parts of the photos since you can put one of its duplicates elsewhere on the runner.

krista mason photography film and lace wedding inspiration

When you are about halfway through, go to the other end and start over. This way you meet nicely in the middle. And when you’re all done, wouldn’t they make a cool wall hanging in your home?

DIY vintage photo table runner film and lace wedding inspiration
vintage photo table runner

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  • This is so one of those “wish I had thought of that” ideas! I’m always collecting random old wedding photos from flea markets & boot sales for inspiration in recreating authentic vintage looks in my photography so I have lots of perfect pix for this kind of project lying around. Very cool.

  • This is absolutely amazing. My daughters 21st soon so given me a great idea for the table. Thank you.

  • Oh, what a cute idea! I would love to make this out of photos of ourselves and our families.

  • How beautiful what a great idea. I am planning a bridal shower for the daughter of a friend that I love so much and I think they will really like this beautiful idea! Thank you so much for sharing!

  • I am going to use this ideal for our Family Reunion. And decorate each table. I probably won’t make them as long as the one shown. Probably just long enough to go the length of each table.

  • I love this idea, in fact I am planning on using it in my own wedding. I have begun gathering photos already of my fiance and I. I want to have one for each of the tables at the reception, but I am concerned about making it ahead and transporting it. Any suggestions about how to transport it before setup??? will it fold ok?

    • Hi Julia,

      You could probably roll it to transport it.


  • Simple and Adorable!! This piece will definitely have all the guests talking. I especially love the idea of hanging this as a keepsake in one’s home; too cute!

  • Any idea on sealing or giving it a finishing touch I don’t want the pictures to bend. Something that will protect the pictures on top?

  • I used your idea for a 40th wedding anniversary party, but changed it up a bit. I asked everyone who was attending to send me photos of themselves or their children with the anniversary couple, I digitized all the photos, changed the color to almost black & white and printed them in 4 x 6 on white card stock. I cut them all out using a pair of craft scissors that gave them an old-time photo edge. I arranged them on the tables in the same fashion as your example, but I didn’t glue them down. Instead this gave the seated guests at each table a chance to pick up and look at the photos. Since I had made duplicate copies for each table, guests were invited to take a photo if they found one they wanted. I also used clear glass plates and put a picture under it of the anniversary couple along with person who was intended to sit there , so it was a pictorial place card. After dinner when the plates were cleared guests were invited to speak about what was happening or the event in the photo – what great stories were told.

  • i love this and hope to you it as inspiration for my MIL’s 75th birthday party. May I ask, is the size of the photos 4×6? thanks

  • This would be a good mother day gift for kids to make their mom with photos of themselves when they were little.

  • Is there something you put over the pictures to protect them from anything damaging them?

    • I wonder if you could use mod lodge to seal it? Or I have some gel medium I was also wondering if that would work. If u found out anything please let me know!!

  • Nice! This is just the thing to give a personal touch to a party!

  • I’m going to add black & white photos onto MAGIC COVER Clear Transparant that I purchased from Hobby Lobby. It comes in a roll and is Acid Free. It’s 18″ wide.

  • I have a family reunion coming up. I love this idea. I will most likely laminate my pictures to protect them from spills.

  • Can someone explain a good way to preserve the runner after the wedding and use it as a wall hanging? I have mine from my wedding and am trying to find the best way to keep it in good condition, with a matte finish so I can display it in my home. Thanks for any help ????

  • I am in the process of making this idea too for my 65th Birthday ! What a brilliant talking point at the table ! I have a black/ White theme so printing them out in Blk/ Wte was good as it’ll match everything else .

  • This is a great idea. I am making this for my parents 60th wedding anniversary.. thank you for sharing!!

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