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DIY Papercut Leaves Backdrop

DIY Papercut Leaves Backdrop

If you asked me my favorite element of wedding decor, I’d have to say that backdrops pretty much take the cake. They have the incredible ability to pack such a “wow factor” punch while often requiring not too much effort. Kathryn Godwin has mastered the art of the backdrop, and we’ve got her here with us to share how she made not one but two show-stopping backdrops for your next party or wedding!

DIY Papercut Leaves Backdrop

Papercut DIY

For this project, you will need:
-scissors/x-acto blade
-healing gel mat
-hot glue gun
-hot glue sticks

1. Print downloadable templates on cardstock color of your choice – you can buy bulk packs of white paper, for more specific color choices, check your craft store’s scrapbooking aisle.

DIY Papercut Leaves Backdrop

2. Use either scissors or an x-acto blade and cutting mat to cut out templates, making sure to be cutting on the inside of the black lines. Stack one template printout with one blank card stock sheet, this will allow you to cut two pieces at once!

DIY Papercut Leaves Backdrop

3. Lay out design on a large flat surface (table or floor) slightly overlapping pieces, use hot glue to tack these overlapping pieces together. Work from top to bottom, every now and then gently lifting the sheet of cut paper to make sure areas are being glued to your work surface and that a piece hasn’t been forgotten.
DIY Papercut Leaves Backdrop

4. Glue a length of ribbon across the top – you will use this to hang or attach to a wall or whatever structure you chose to use for display.
5. Use a hair dryer on high heat, and low to make the glue strings disappear!

Check back soon for the next one!

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  • This is so beautiful! I was wondering how big the final piece ended up to be? Thank you.

  • What size do you print the templates on? A4 or A3 paper size?

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