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DIY Paper Peony Bouquet

DIY Paper Peony Bouquet

Pink Paper Peony Bouquet

‘Tis the season for peonies, everyone. I’m so in love with these blooms and how they just scream springtime. You can never go wrong with a perfectly plump peony bouquet, and I’m so glad Rachael from Appetite Paper is showing us how to DIY a handful of paper peonies to make a beautiful bouquet that could really rival the real thing!

DIY Paper Peony Bouquet

Materials you need:

Peony Flower Guide
Floral wire (16G)
Floral tape
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Rubber bands
Lambs ear leaf spray
Seeded eucalyptus

Crepe paper colors used:

Sweet Pea
Baby Pink

DIY Paper Peony Bouquet

Start by cutting out your peony centers, petals, and base from your pink crepe paper. Fringe your centers and roll onto the end of your floral wire. Adhere your large and medium petals around the center using hot glue. Lastly, adhere your eight small petals upside down to the base of your flower. Fluff your paper peony by gently bending your petals towards the floor, or leave as is for a tighter bloom! Use your sweet pea and baby pink crepe papers to create a total of nine paper pom peonies.

Once your paper peonies are prepped and assembled, group them together and secure the stems with a rubber band. Trim down the bouquet stems to your preferred size. Here, we have them at 8″, but feel free to accommodate the stem size to the container you may want to put them in.

DIY Paper Peony Bouquet

Place your lambs ear leaf spray between your paper peonies, securing the greenery stems with a rubber band. Trim the stems for a nice even edge.

Next add in your eucalyptus. Here we used seeded eucalyptus and preserved eucalyptus. Nestle them throughout and around the outside of the bouquet. Secure the eucalyptus stems with a rubber band and trim.

DIY Paper Peony Bouquet

If you prefer a large bouquet handle, here is a little trick! Tuck the left over greenery stems around the outside of your base and secure with rubber band.

DIY Paper Peony Bouquet

Finish your bouquet with a few long elegant ribbons. (This lovely addition also cleverly hides all of the rubber bands used.) Here we used various widths of blush silk ribbon from Silk & Willow for a billowing romantic bouquet.

DIY Paper Peony Bouquet

Our last tip: feel free to play around with your ribbon colors! The sky is definitely the limit! For more how-to’s on creating beautiful bouquet bundles like these or other paper flowers, check out the goodies at Appetite Paper!

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  • i can’t see the template… as the site is not working.. could somebody send it to me? thank you

    • Hey there Ioana, did anyone send you the template? I’m looking for it too! I’m really looking forward to making these! Cheers!

      • hi Lara,

        unfortunatelly no.. i didn’t get the template.. sorry for my late answer but i didn’t see the post…

  • Hello! These peonies are perfect! I see a few of the petal shapes from the photographs that you have posted here. Though the peony template is not functioning properly, I think the site is down for the link that you are referencing. Is there any chance that you can email me the template? I bought the paper here you mentioned and would love to make these! Can I send you my email?

  • I’ve been trying to make these flowers as well! Does anyone know what happened to the site or where to find the templates now?

  • i wanted to buy the templates but unfortunately appetitepaper is closed. no idea how to get the templates now.

  • if anyone gets the template..can they PLEASE post the link here? Thanks!

  • Anyone know how to obtain the appetite patterns? Hopefully they are selling them somewhere. There are several I’ve seen that I would like. Urg, such a bummer.

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