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We have another fun entry to share with you – and we’re only a third of the way through! Belinda put a twist on the traditional paper lantern by turning it into an airy, whimsical doily lantern. We could never tell the final look was DIY and not purchased at a design boutique.

 diy doily ideas

What you’ll need:
– Paper lantern
– Paper doilies
– Scissors
– Double-sided tape
– String to hang
 DIY paper lace doily lantern
 doily wedding ideas

Step 1: Cut a bunch of doilies in half.

Step 2: For the top few doilies, cut out a semi-circle so it will fit around the opening at the top of the lantern. Turn over and place double-sided tape on the wrong side.

Step 3: Stick to the top of the lantern. Repeat with another two or three doily halves until the top opening is circled. You might need to overlap a few of the doilies slightly to fit but try and get it as even as possible.

Step 4: Place double-sided tape on the wrong sides of the halved doilies at the top.

Step 5: Stick underneath the top doilies in the middle of the gaps, so they’re overlapped like fish scales.

Step 6: Continue all the way around and down to the bottom. For the final layer, you might need to cut a doily into quarters to fill the leftover space.

  • How pretty! These are so feminine!

  • I am looking for those lanterns, where could i find them? Thanks! :)

  • Miss Ruby

    Cute! And what a difference from the typical lantern!

  • So, so cool!!! Love this idea!!

  • Zenda

    @ HAYLEY: has tons of different kinds of paper lanterns. I’ve also seen them at CostPlus.

  • oh such a cute idea!

  • Ri

    I LOVE this- such a whimsical, cute idea!!

  • So cute and wedding perfect!


  • belinda

    oh hurrah! my project made the cut! i also debated submitting this one if you want to do something with all those leftover doilies…paper doily stars

  • Super cute! These are getting more creative by the minute!

  • WOW! Thanks so much for the wonderful tutorial! I just featured it on my blog today! Love, love, love it! Here is the link so you can check it out:

  • Love this girly look! Great for a shabby chic wedding theme!

  • leslie

    lovely … but how does it look in the dark and lit up? I’m helpion

  • leslie

    whoops … I’m helping a friend with her evening wedding. so I’m wondering it its still pretty when lit up or if you can see all the weird layers and tape.

  • Rosa Costelha

    Ideia simples,mas com efeito muito bonito,gostei muito,obrigada !

  • Carrie

    I’m shopping for the doilies and wondering what size you used? I’ve seen 6 inch and 12 inch doilies.

  • Belle

    What size is the lanten used? What’s the doilies size? And approx how many doilies are used?

  • María claudia plaza

    Ojalá lo traducción lo traduzcan a Español

  • Very pretty lamp. Tutorial is very nice presented