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DIY Papel Picado Backdrop

DIY Papel Picado Backdrop

We’re giddy to announce our partnership with one of our favorite DIY brands, ! Maybe you’ve heard of them? They just happen to be a household name for crafts + cutting tools. We’ll be sharing a series of DIY projects and we’re starting with a bang with this papel picado backdrop from our Papel Picado inspiration shoot styled by Candice Mock of Patchwork Planning and captured by Jessica Cooper.

Ruffled - photo by Jessica Cooper Photography

Materials (hover the image for all supplies):

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Butcher paper (we used a roll of meat-wrap paper from Paper Mart)



1.Cut a piece of butcher paper at the length you need your backdrop to be + 3″ or 4″ extra for a tab at the top

DIY Papel Picado Backdrop with @FiskarsAmericas -

2.Fold your paper in 3″ wide strips like a fan

DIY Papel Picado Backdrop with @FiskarsAmericas -

3.Cut strips of 2-3 scored folds

DIY Papel Picado Backdrop with @FiskarsAmericas -

DIY Papel Picado Backdrop with @FiskarsAmericas -

4.Now that you have long strips of paper, you’re ready to start using your AdvantEdge Punch System Starter Set! Leaving 3-4″ inches extra, punch your paper once.

DIY Papel Picado Backdrop with @FiskarsAmericas -

5.Push the handle a notch to the right

AdvantEdge locks itself in each track to maintain a continuous 12″ pattern. Once you reach the end of the track, flip it upside down to align it seamlessly with the next round.

Once you’ve reached the end of the AdvantEdge track, bring the handle back to the left to continue the process.

DIY Papel Picado Backdrop with @FiskarsAmericas -

Trim excess paper, fold tabs around a wooden dowel or rod, and bam, you’ve got yourself a faux laser cut backdrop that does not look like DIY at all!

If you don’t own the infamous yet, you should – it’s a DIY Toolbox essential. These can cut a wide variety of materials including denim, silk and multiple layers of fabric. It’s our go-to scissors for most of our projects.


Check out our Pinterest board for more DIY Toolbox Essentials and be sure to follow too for more DIY ideas!

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