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DIY Painted Votive Holder

DIY Painted Votive Holder

We’ve got one more tutorial up our sleeve from Gather Events‘s Paint Party shoot for you all: these fabulous painted votive holders! Feel free to get creative with different designs and colors — we’re a big fan of geometric blocking. Thanks to The Why We Love for the images and of course, stay tuned for a video from Tower Films!

diy painted votive holders

For this project, you will need:
-glass vessels
-small, soft-bristle paint brushes (soft bristles minimize streakiness of the paint on glass)
-latex paint (acrylic paints or spray paint would also work)
-painter’s tape
-precision craft knife
-self-healing cutting mat

diy painted votives materials

1. Roll out a length of painter’s tape and adhere adhesive side down onto a cutting mat.

2. Cut the tape to the width and length of your choosing. (We used a mat that has 1/2”
measurements already. It makes this project very simple!)

diy painted votivesdiy painted votives

3. Peel the strips of tape off of the mat and place onto the glass vessels in the design of your
choice. We opted for a simple angular design on the taller vessels and a more intricate angular design on the shorter ones. Adhere the tape really well to the vessels, leaving no air pockets for paint to escape into unwanted areas of the vessel.

diy painted votivesdiy painted votives

4. Brush a single, heavy coat of paint onto the exposed areas of the glass vessels.

diy painted votivesdiy painted votives

5. While the paint is still wet, just before it gets tacky, remove the strips of tape to reveal a
straight section painted onto your vessel.

Touching up:
If any of the paint seeps through the tape seam, wait until paint is completely dry and scrape off the troubled spots with your craft knife.

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diy painted votives tutorial

Notes on paint options:
-Spray paint provides the most even coverage. The tape can be removed after the paint is
-Latex paint requires a very heavy single layer and the tape must be removed before the
paint dries to prevent peeling. The nice feature of latex is that, when dry, this paint peels very easily off of the glass, so you can change out colors or bring your vessels back to their original unpainted state.
-Acrylic paint looks very similarly to latex and goes on the same way, but does not peel off of the glass very easily. If you would like to remove the paint from the glass, it must be scraped off.

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  • I love all your post. And this DIY it´s so easy, i´m sure i´ll use it in one of my parties.

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