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DIY New Year’s Eve Nail Art

DIY New Year’s Eve Nail Art

We wanted to leave for the weekend with one last DIY for the year, leaving with you plenty of time to tackle this one before your NYE’s party! Anniemade created these nail decals with templates for ‘Love’ and ‘2014’ nail art, you can make your own manicure with it or wait till you’re back from the nail salon to add them on!

DIY New Year's Eve Nail Art

From Annie of Anniemade: With New Year’s fast approaching, here’s a way to tell your party guests that you’re in the mood to celebrate!

Not only is this project inexpensive and festive, it’s also fully customizable for the whole year round. For your wedding, you can use this DIY to create your own decals to show off your new married monogram, new last name, or your wedding date. Jazz it up by adding a special graphic like a heart. You could even do photos!

With so many options, you may want to host this at a bridal shower for your bridesmaids. Cause really, what girls don’t enjoy doing each other’s nails?

Here’s what you’ll need:

White and gold Nail Polish (you can have a manicure at a salon if you wish)
Clear Nail Polish
Nail Polish Remover
Small scissors
Silhouette Temporary Tattoo Paper Kit
Decal Template

DIY New Year's Eve Nail Art
DIY New Year's Eve Nail Art


Begin by printing our template onto your tattoo paper, glossy side up, using photo paper settings if your printer has them. If you’d like to create your own words or design, print that instead but be sure to reverse/mirror your design. Let dry after printing.

DIY New Year's Eve Nail Art

The tattoo paper comes with green-backed adhesive paper. You will carefully remove the green backing from the adhesive paper and place on top of your newly printed paper. Press down firmly with your fingers, carefully smoothing out any air bubbles. Cut out each letter with scissors, removing a good deal of the white around each letter. Paint your fingernails with two coats of white polish, allowing your nails to dry with each coat. If you’d like to duplicate our look, paint your thumbs with a gold polish.

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When your second coat of white polish is dry, you’re ready to start adding the letter decals. To do this, use your nails to delicately pry the adhesive sheet back off the tattoo paper. When you remove this sheet, you’ll see that the tattoo paper now has a tacky adhesive that’s been transferred to it.

DIY New Year's Eve Nail Art

Place the paper (adhesive side down) carefully on your nail where you want the letter to go. Mindful not to move the letter, place several droplets of water on top of the paper. It will soak through and you will use a free finger to press the letter firmly in place. Hold in place for about 10-15 seconds, after which time you may remove the paper, revealing the newly placed decal on your nail.

DIY New Year's Eve Nail Art

Complete your remaining fingernails using the same process. When all letters are placed, complete your monogram manicure with a coat of clear polish to seal the decals in place!

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