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DIY Mini Zen Garden Favor Kits

DIY Mini Zen Garden Favor Kits

These mini zen garden kits are so quick to assemble, you will be designing your own mini garden in no time. Using the same tiny tins, I created the same DIY vertical garden pockets…remember them? Now in its miniature version, with a splash of color!

What you’ll need:

Zen Garden:
mini tins (I used these ones)
skewers or wooden dowel
hot glue gun
small stones (can be found in places like here)
mini zip bags (can be found here)

The only thing you will make is the rake. Cut bamboo skewers in 5 small pieces: a long one for the handle, a shorter one to hold the teeth, and 3 for the teeth. Sand any rough ends and glue all pieces in place. To give these zen garden as kits, use zip bags for the sand. Add in the stones and rake in the tin and bam, zen garden favor kits.

Mini Vertical Garden (view the original instructions here):
colorful cardstock
mini tins (I used these ones)
air plants
gravel (I used the same ones used in fish tanks)
magnet and hot glue gun (optional)
mini zip bags (can be found here)

Trace the tin onto cardstock and cut. Add to the bottom of the tins.
Loosen the frame of the clear plastic top and gently lift it halfway.
Cut plastic top with scissors to about half – the plastic is easy and soft enough to cut with scissors
Add gravel in the tin, add air plant and close the lid
To give out as wedding favors, add gravel in a zip bag and add all ingredients in the tin so guests can take home as kits

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  • What a wonderful things. This is really great stuff and really creative. I think i found may idea from your blog. Thank you…

  • These are such a great idea – this is the first time I’ve looked at a wedding favor and loved the idea! Can I ask what the approximate cost for each one was?

    Thank you!

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