DIY Birdy Cake Topper

Continuing with our DIY Contest entires, next project up is a DIY lovebird cake topper made by Mel Hince. This is such an easy and quick project, and we can’t stand the cuteness.

 diy wedding cake topper lovebirds

 wedding bird ideas

What you’ll need:
– Bird’s nest, or nest makings (can be found at Michael’s)
– Little birdies
– Tiny paper flowers
– A small piece of felt
– PVA glue or glue gun
– Dried moss

 wedding bird cake topper

Step 1: Start by shaping the nest so that it is the right size for your cake and has enough space for your birdies to sit comfortably.

Step 2: Start filling the nest with some dried moss and secure using PVA glue. Note: You can use a glue gun here, but I find the “glue strings” hard to avoid.

Step 3: Once dried, sit your birdies in the nest. It’s up to you whether you glue them in or not.

 diy cake topper bird nest moss twigs

Step 4: Pretty the nest up with some tiny paper flowers and finish by gluing a piece of felt on the bottom of the nest to avoid sneaky bits of nest ending up on mum and dad’s piece of cake!

  1. This is so cute! Birds are such a beautiful representation of love and happiness, and this looks gorgeous.

  2. This wonderful cake was made with love and represented a Wedding Day filled with love, happiness and fun.

  3. An old architecture school trick for hot glue: Let the glue completely dry then quickly blast it with a hairdryer about 6″ away to allow for “glue string” to be softened and removed.

  4. Adore the caketopper made by one of my best girls – so deserving to be in this DiY contest…and the best part? The cake tasted AMAZING.

  5. i’m really hoping this is also appropriate to use as a random decoration around my room, because i plan on doing that immediately.


  6. Thank you for posting this. I am making this for my BF’s lovebird themed Honeymoon Shower this summer. It is the perfect touch to her shower cake.