I now have this sudden urge of throwing a party that requires hot air balloons. Just so I can make these. Karen, the crafty bride from this gorgeous wedding shot by Paul Von Rieter, made these whimsical hot air balloons using large bouncy balls. They are often found at dollar stores, so they can be made affordably. Thank you for sharing, these are incredible! More DIY details in the gallery and on her blog.

DIY Hot Air Balloon floating centerpieces
DIY Hot Air Balloon floating centerpieces

What you’ll need:

– large bouncy balls
– potted herbs
– square tin pots (or cans)
– acrylic paint
– brush
– twine for tying tins to the “balloons”

hot air balloons centerpieces
DIY Hot Air Balloon floating centerpieces
DIY Hot Air Balloon floating centerpieces
DIY Hot Air Balloon floating centerpieces

hot air balloons centerpieceshot air balloons centerpieces


To make each pattern, I started off by drawing a base guide. I taped a long piece of string to the ball, and then I tied a Sharpie to the end of that string where I wanted to start drawing a guide. Then I rotated the Sharpie along that string “axis” to draw a perfect circle around the ball. I did this several times along different lengths, with the same taped point. Just imagine a bunch of “latitude” lines drawn on the ball with Sharpie. I use those new circles to guide me with drawing a symmetrical pattern for each of the balls. If you want to be really precise, I would measure the circumference of the “equator”, and divide that evenly by a number for an exact repeating pattern.

Once your balloons are dry, attach your herb “baskets” to them using twine. Punch holes on your herb tins with the help of a hammer and nails. Attach them to the ceiling and add your table numbers to the bottom of each.

  • Jen

    So brilliant! Fun, crafty, a bit of math thrown in. Yay! Thanks for sharing!

  • Jayne

    You have just given me a great idea for a piñata for the kids at our wedding. Thanks

  • These floating balloons look really great and it can become one of the things that will make wedding receptions more memorable!

  • Brilliant! I wondered how to make these when I saw them in the wedding post yesterday.

  • These are absolutely charming! I don’t even need an event, I’m going to try making this for my nephew and niece’s room! I’m sure they’d love it!

  • This is above and beyond (pun totally intended). I love the detail — what a great decoration!

  • How imaginative! These would be perfect for a child’s birthday as well.

  • John | Wedding Photography San Diego

    Something I haven’t seen before bravo! very cool idea!

  • That’s great! I like your ideas so much! :) thank you =)

  • This is such a great alternative to hanging lanterns and the possibilities of color and design are endless. What an absolutely terrific idea!

  • I love this idea for hanging planters in a playroom too. Make them for the wedding, save them for the babies!

  • Sam

    Love this! The table numbers hanging from the plants make them even cuter.

  • How neat!
    I have never seen this before!
    Great DIY.

  • gram

    lovely !!!!
    i love this idea. wanna try it !!!!

  • What a brilliant idea! This looks just like the hot air balloon my banner on A Very Curious Wedding. They would be great for a steam punk wedding.

  • Laura

    I’d love to know what font you used to make the table number signs. very cute decoration!