DIY Hanging Paint Chips Tutorial

We’re back with a bit more from our Mid-Century Modern Inspiration shoot from yesterday! Jenna Trapasso of Red White and Green Photography sent over images to help illustrate this tutorial, which is both super easy and — best of all — super cheap! The paint chips can be picked up at any home improvement store for free, and can be cut into any shape and size you desire for endless options.

For this project, you will need:
-thick embroidery string
-paint chips in assorted shapes and sizes

diy paint chip backdrop tutorial red white and green photography

1. To begin, match two paint chips of equal shape and size up with each other. For this project, we made sure to use contrasting colors on the front and back for variety.

2. If desired, cut the paint chips down to size.

3. Place glue on the back of each paint chip, lay the embroidery string atop the reverse of one paint chip, and affix the second paint chip to the back.

4. Feel free to cut all different shapes and sizes — the more variety, the better the visual effect!

5. After the glue has dried, clean up the edges by trimming away any white space or overlap.

6. Continue laying down paint chips until you have a long garland of endless glued chips!

7. Depending on your space, cut the string to the appropriate length. We cut each string at a different length for variety, and hung them from the ceiling at varying distances and widths apart. The chips can also be displayed as a more uniform backdrop by affixing the strings to a railing or arch for a funky altar, photoshoot, or cake table backdrop!

diy paint chip backdrop tutorial red white and green photography

Mid Century Modern Wedding Inspiration from red white and green photography

All images courtesy of Jenna Trapasso of Red White and Green Photography.


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