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Real Brides: Veronica of My Hands Made It

Real Brides: Veronica of My Hands Made It

Veronica from My Hands Made It continues to share some of her favorite DIY projects she is doing for her wedding. She is not only a very crafty bride, but she also makes wedding dresses made to order which you can see on her site. So it was only fitting (no pun intended) that she made her own wedding gown!

I made my wedding dress. Wha-what? Yeah that’s right. *high five* Now to be clear, I make wedding dresses for other people all of the time. But while making someone else’s dress can be a little stressful, making your own is terrifying. When Keith proposed, I knew, without a doubt, that I would be making my dress. Not only was I going to save tons of money but I also thought it was kind of old-fashioned and romantic. Um yeah, I wouldn’t exactly call the process of making one’s dress romantic. Frankly, every dress goes through a million stages before it’s ready and maybe some of these stages shouldn’t be seen by the bride – they’re not all pretty. I had moments of major insecurity and fear that I was completely destroying the most important dress of my life. Every imperfection was heart-wrenching. Yes I am serious – it was monumental.

sketch wedding dress

But I pushed through the horrifying stages and now it’s ready, and I am out-of-my-mind excited. It’s crazy that it came from my own two hands. When I first started the design process I would walk to my bus stop in the mornings imagining my dress fluttering around my feet and blowing gently in the breeze. I longed for a frilly, frothy, flowy goddess of a dress with ruffles. No not just ruffles. Ruffles, ruffles, ruffles! And very 1930s. Something Ginger Rogers would wear while being thrown around the dance floor.

Handmade Ruffled Wedding Dress

And it was pretty cool that I could change the overall design as I worked – making it more flattering for my shape, adding elements I had never even considered. The ruffled bolero is the crowning touch and I threw that together on a whim.

Even though it was an emotional, overwhelming, terrifying ordeal, it was also super fun at the same time. Sort of like the entire wedding planning process, right? I really don’t think I can describe how it felt the day I finished it. I put the dress and little matching bolero on the dress form, backed away a little and just stared at it, completely awestruck. So many ruffles. And all of a sudden the dress has gone from a source of stress and insecurity to something I deeply cherish and want to share with our future family. It’s my very own precious wedding dress, and I made it.

p.s. If you are at all considering taking on this project and you don’t have a ton of experience, BACK AWAY SLOWLY. I say this for your own good. Trust me on this one. xo

What is your biggest DIY project that you’re tackling out of love? Please share!

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  • only if i had the skills. it looks amazing. will there be pictures of the dress being worn?

  • The images above were all taken by Veronica, I think she’s trying to keep it a secret from her fiance 🙂

  • Thanks, ladies! I’m superstitious about taking pictures of me in the dress before the wedding. So weird, I know – ha! There’s no real reason for it.

  • I have to say, from one [wedding dress] designer to another, wow! I have a ton of respect for you! Upon getting engaged I had a brief time period where I decided I wanted to make my own dress. This resulted in dozens of sketches, many yards of fabric & notions bought, and a ton of stress! Then I found an authentic 1930s Harlow-esque dress for a steal & a weight lifted off my shoulders. Now, I am not saying you shouldn’t make your own dress, just agreeing about the stages a bride shouldn’t see 🙂 Your dress is gorgeous! I hope Amanda posts pictures of your wedding so we can all admire the workmanship in a wedding setting!

  • Wow, that is gorgeous. My mother and I made my wedding dress–she did all the sewing and fitting, but I did all of the stitching of the trims and lace by hand.

  • wow. that dress is sick! and so are your dress-making skills! go head sister! that’s beautiful! bravo, bravo!

  • What a beautiful gown!! You should be very proud of yourself and I’m sure all the guests will be amazed 🙂

  • Wow, now that is gorgeous. You are going to look absolutely stunning! 🙂

  • I had to fight back tears when I read that post and saw those pictures. What an incredible, beautiful gift not only to yourself but to your husband-to-be, your children and grandchildren. Amazing talent and I hope, like the others, that you post pictures of you IN that dress after your wedding. When I see things like this I often wish I had as much talent in all of me as women like you have in your little finger. You’re simply brilliant!

  • I am also making my own wedding dress and it is the first dress I have ever made! I went to bridal shops and tried on wedding dresses and instead of getting all teary eyed I had to laugh as I looked completely ridiculous in them all so really the decision was made for me. I am making a mermaid style dress out of Harris tweed made on the island in Scotland where I was born. It is brown and green wool with a corset back and brown leather trimming and is all turning a bit steam punk which I love. I must say however after spending three days sewing my petticoat I will be happy to never see netting again!

  • I love it… it really is a Ginger Rogers dress…so floaty!!! Super cool design and that you were brave enough to do it for your own wedding…major congratulations! Beautiful dress.


  • I am making my dress too…made my last one too. It is so much more cost effective and there is a lot to be said for taking a hunk of fabric and turning it into what only your mind could see before. I love the dress. It is gorgeous. And I love that you make wedding dresses. My current one is the fourth one I have made and although I sometimes find it stressful, I love having a part in their big day!

  • This dress is beautiful, I really love the flowy ruffles, you did a wonderful job 🙂

  • I have been dreaming of a wedding dress that moves like a Ginger Rogers dress! I’m not getting married yet, not even engaged… but you could be hearing from me in the future! this is stunning and a dream come true 🙂

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