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DIY Giant Paper Peonies and Spider Mums

DIY Giant Paper Peonies and Spider Mums

I confess I have just as much of an obsession for oversized as I do for miniature everyday items. These crepe paper flowers are no different. We played with a few variations and also created a paper spider mum (or juju hat inspired wall decor!) to boot. As per usual, ‘ tools made yet another project a breeze!

Make your own juju hat inspired wall decor

Giant paper peonies DIY

You won't believe this juju hat inspired decor is made of paper!

Giant paper peonies forever <3

DIY giant crepe paper flowers

How to make Giant Paper Peonies:

  • Cut 12″ long strips of crepe paper to start making the petals. Fold your crepe paper sheets lengthwise and fold a few times until you have a 3-4″ inch wide strip.
  • Using our mixed media shears, cut the shape of a petal as pictured – no need for a template for this one, as you want to have petals in slightly different shapes and sizes. We use these any time we need to cut multiple layers of paper or heavy mixed media items like cardboard, chipboard and more. The difference from your regular scissors is that Amplify┬«’s technology senses blade separation when cutting thick materials, which means you get clean cuts every time – exactly what you need for this project.
  • Cut petals in different sizes — start out by cutting petals for the outer edges, which will be the largest.
  • Cut a circle with a piece of thick cardstock or cardboard for the back. No need for a template here either, since no one will see it. Hot glue a piece of string or twine.
  • Start gluing the petals from the outer edges and slowly work your way towards the middle. Our peach and white flowers were done the same way. If you’d like to add stamen like the white flower, make a small paper fringe to glue in the middle.

DIY paper flowers

DIY giant paper peonies

How to make Giant Spider Mums (Juju Hat Inspired Wall Decor):

Using the same steps as the giant paper peonies, the petals for the spider mum will be long and thin as shown below. This also had a nod to the ever popular juju hat, with a light and feathery look! This giant spider mum is about 2 feet wide and is light enough that a thick piece of cardstock and twine holds up great. If you’d like to make a larger wall flower + juju hat inspired, you may consider using a thicker backing like cardboard and picture hanging wire.

DIY giant paper juju hat

DIY oversized paper flowers

giant paper peonies DIY

LOVE these giant paper peonies

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