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DIY Geometric Table Runner

DIY Geometric Table Runner

Wondering how this awesome geometric cube table runner was made in the shoot featured on the blog earlier today? Well, look no further, because Sarah Park was kind enough to share the whole project with us. Now you too can create a fun 3-D table runner that will have your guests talking for days!

teal peach geometric wedding

For this project, you will need:ย 
-pegboard (6’x1′ to fit a 6′ table)
-bamboo skewers (cut different lengths to create height)
-DIY geometric cubes (DIY instruction here)
-foam board
-hot glue gun



Step 1: Glue foam board to the back of pegboard


Step 2:ย Punch a hole with the skewer and place the tip into the geometric cube

Step 3: Hot glue the hole where you want to place the skewer

Step 4: Place the geometric cubes randomly onto the pegboard varying in heights to create a geometric cube centerpiece

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Such a cool idea for any crafty bride looking to do something a bit different!

teal peach geometric wedding

teal peach geometric wedding

teal peach geometric wedding

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