We can barely contain our excitement to share our newest DIY project with you all! The ladies from HEYLOOK sent over these incredible geometric faceted favor boxes (polyhedron), perfect for a display table of their own or for use as place cards at each guest’s seat! Without further ado, here’s how to get started:

diy faceted place cards from hey lookdiy faceted place cards from hey look


Print this template onto thin cardboard stock or thick paper in the colors of your choice. We chose a set of strong colors, but these would also look super-cute in pastels or in gold, silver and/or bronze.

diy faceted place cards from hey look

Cut out along the straight lines, then fold along the dotted lines. Make sure you crease all folds into the same direction: over the dotted lines, so these will be inside the box.

diy faceted place cards from hey lookdiy faceted place cards from hey look

Try to assemble the box without gluing it first, so you can see which sides go where. The important sides to mark are the lid and the fold-over side (this is the last side to glue). You could mark those parts with a pencil line or a little piece of masking tape that you can remove in the end.

diy faceted place cards from hey lookdiy faceted place cards from hey look

Now you can start to assemble the boxes with paper glue. Fold the last assembly piece (the one before the lid piece) into the box and fix with glue.

diy faceted place cards from hey look

Cut out small strips of paper and add texts. We hand-wrote ours, but of course you can also print out some in a font of your choice. Attach strips to lids with glue as shown in the picture.

diy faceted place cards from hey lookdiy faceted place cards from hey look

Now your boxes are ready to be filled with goodies. If you use heavy or breakable favors, add some thin strips of tissue paper to pad the boxes.

diy faceted place cards from hey lookdiy faceted place cards from hey look

And you’re done!

View step-by-step images in the gallery

Download geo boxes template here.

Not that we have to tell you…but these free downloads are for personal use only. Please do not modify, sell or distribute them.

  • nata

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea but I can’t access the template! Did I do something wrong?

  • Philia

    The template doesn’t open, bummer!

    • Amanda

      eeek try now!

  • Love these, so fun. Love the bright colours too!

  • makes a change from sugared almonds. Very cool

  • Cute idea! Thanks for sharing.

  • Anna

    Hey, loving these, but any idea why the Pinterest’s Pin It button isn’t working? Or is it just me?

  • So fun! These just caught my 9 year old’s eye and we printed them out!! Thank you!

  • I can totally understand your excitement. This is original, bright and colourful and really looks easy to make (if you like crafting). Came across this idea on Pinterest and have shared it on my Giftwrapping board. Of course with the link to your website.

    Kind regards,

  • Karista

    To everyone who can’t open the template…You need Adobe reader which you can get here http://get.adobe.com/reader/ for free <3

    Cute idea I think I'll make these for my preschoolers :)

  • I love little boxes. This will be a wonderful project for me when I can take a fun break from sewing aprons for my shop. Thanks for a great idea!

  • SewBertie

    Thanks for these. I’m currently making 25 ruby red boxes for my inlaws 40th wedding anniversary celebration next weekend.
    I’ll pin a photo when they’re all finished

  • lovable

    cute idea !
    thanks for sharing

  • Incredible! Thanks so much Ladies for the inspiration & for sharing the templates as well.

  • I’m absolutely in love with these geo boxes!! I love to do crafts. They are so cute, colorful & fun! They could be used for so many different things. Even just to decorate a desk or shelf. Thanks for the great idea!!

  • Kelly

    I simply LOVE these!!! But every time I print the template, the dotted parts don’t show! So I don’t know where to fold them! Help! Is there a button I should press before printing?

  • Meharwade

    Very good and flexible, Thank you

  • sydney

    so cute absolutely love this and i like the fact that you give us the printout template things so it is much easier to make totally cute :)

  • gloria

    wow omg sooooo nice i love it i was just checking thru but i need to make it lol

  • Lola

    Moooola se lo haré a mi abu.

  • amber

    I love these boxes and am so thankful that you shared the template, however, every time I try to print them it crashes. I have adobe so that is not the problem and I even tried to save off the document and print it but still it won’t work. Any tips?

    • Katherine

      How about doing a screenshot off the PDF and printing the image? You could even adjust the size of the template for a bigger/smaller box that way.

  • What kind of paper are you using to make them? They are absolutely adorable btw

  • Joe

    These look awesome, great idea

  • Sharon

    Love these and making them for a baby shower, but we can’t get page 2 to print. And also the dotted lines for folding don’t all show up. Are we missing something?

  • These little boxes are so cute. Great idea for placecards! Thank you for sharing!

  • CarvedClay

    Cuteness overload, though where to use them in MY life?