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DIY Streamer + Sparkle Cake Topper

DIY Streamer + Sparkle Cake Topper

This morning’s wedding photoshoot designed by Savage Rose and note•ify just keeps spawning fun ideas. Our next DIY project made by Samantha of note•ify is quite possibly one of our favorites yet. It requires minimal crafty expertise, and with a simple text line with your and your beloved’s names printed onto cardstock, this heirloom kitsch craft is a total winner on my book. Thank you Lilia Photography for the images!

DIY Fringe Cake Topper

From Samantha: Lilia Photography and Savage Rose organized a sixties styled wedding shoot, and they invited me to create the printed materials. We wanted sparkle, gold and glam, but the affordable + DIY kind. In addition to the embellishments I made with gold metallic ink on the invitations, I made a cake topper from pink card stock and added gold curling ribbon to make it sparkle.

DIY fringe streamer banner cake topper

What you’ll need:

– metallic gold curling ribbon
– cardstock
– glue or tape
– wooden skewers
– metallic paint pen

DIY fringe streamer banner cake topper

Print out your cake topper banner and cut to any shape you’d like. You can even create a template on a separate piece of cardstock to trace it + cut it. Cut a second shape on leftover cardstock to use it on the back of your cake topper. Run glue or adhesive along the bottom half of the shape and start placing the ribbon along the bottom. You may choose to cut the ribbon in strips in half to create different widths, or you may choose to curl them a bit on the bottom.

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DIY Fringe Cake Topper

Once you have covered the area you wanted with the ribbon, you may trim the bottoms to make them even if you wish. Take your wooden skewers and ‘paint’ them with a paint pen. Once dry, attach them at the ends of the shape with glue or adhesive and then use your blank shape to cover the back. Voila! Sparkly, cake topper banner with streamers!

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