DIY Flower Bottle Garland

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers is back to teach us how to make the adorable apothecary bottle hanging garland shown below from today’s photoshoot with Maggpie Vintage Rentals, Belovely Events, Maria Mack Photography and a dream team of vendors from Philly. We love this idea for dressing up a wall or fireplace, or even lining up the aisle with stakes at alternating heights. I will let Jennie take it from here:

From Jennie Love ‘n Fresh Flowers: For our Old World Philadelphia photo shoot, I wanted to incorporate a whimsical element that would still be in keeping with the 1700s era we were emulating. Glass medicine and tonic bottles would certainly have been plentiful at that time. And they just happen to be very plentiful in modern day weddings as well right now. While I regularly use them for cocktail tables, the idea of creating a delicate bottle garland seemed like a fun twist for dressing up a mantle.

DIY vintage glass bottle vase garland

This bottle garland project is incredibly simple. All you need is a thin, yet strong, wire and a collection of medicine bottles that have a lip around the opening (to stop the wire from slipping off). Snippets of flowers, greenery and succulents can fill the bottles. I also added little paper tags with cute wedding sayings on them for this rendition of the garland. If you’ve got a big enough bottle collection or a small enough guest list, you could use these tags on the bottle garlands to serve as your escort cards!

– Thin wire; the pictured colorful florist variety can be purchased at craft stores like Michaels
– Medicine bottles with a lip around the opening
– Fresh flowers, foliage or similar to fill the bottles
– Scissors
– Paper tags (optional)

Begin by looping the wire twice around the first bottle, being sure to leave a six to ten inch “tail” of wire on the end for hanging the garland. After you’ve made the two loops around the bottle, pull the wire as tight as you can and twist several times to secure. Roll out several more inches of wire (do not cut!) and add a bottle using the same double loop and twist method. Leave six to eight inches between bottles. Repeat until you have a garland of the desired length. Be sure to leave another “tail” of wire at the end for hanging.

The most secure way to hang the bottle garland is with nails. Wrap the wire “tails” several times around the nails on the ends and then hang the wire in between over additional nails. However, if you want to hang the bottle garland from a surface that can’t be nailed (such as the marble mantle in our photo shoot), clear packing tape can be used for shorter garlands. Just be sure to really press down on the tape and seal it up around the wire.

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers is back to teach us how to make the adorable apothecary bottle hanging garland shown below from View all images from this shoot in the gallery

Top photo by Maria Mack Photography, all others by Love ‘n Fresh Flowers

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