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DIY Flour Aisle Runner

DIY Flour Aisle Runner

If you’re anything like us, then you love any high-impact decoration with little damage to your wallet. That’s precisely what Sweet Sunday Events has produced for her Print and Pattern styled shoot with EE Photography, a striking geometric design made out of flour! The ideas for different patterns are absolutely endless, so read on to see how to make your very own:

flour aisle runner

For this project you will need:
-Wrapping paper
-Utility Knife or scissors
-Cutting mat or cardboard

flour diy tutorial

Prep work: Begin by unrolling and laying out the wrapping paper flat. Cut the paper to the correct length of your aisle. Once you have decided on a design for your aisle, begin to draw it out on the paper. We chose a tribal print with easy triangle cut outs for a simpler, clean design.

After you have your design drawn on the paper, place cardboard or cutting mat underneath the paper to protect the surface you are using. Using the utility knife, follow the design you have mapped out and remove all unwanted paper remains.

flour diy tutorial

Ready to use: Lay your completed paper runner down on the ground and begin sprinkling flour in the cutouts. You may choose to use a flour sifter for a more controlled application.

flour diy tutorial

flour diy tutorial

Once you have sprinkled flour in all cutouts, slowly and carefully remove the paper runner to avoid excess flour from tarnishing the design you have created.

diy flour art

Ta-da! With that, you have your very own DIY flour runner, perfect for any part of your wedding ceremony, reception, or any event that just needs a little jazzing up!

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