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DIY Felt Backdrop

DIY Felt Backdrop

We love us a quick DIY project that can be used anywhere. It can be nestled under your wedding arbor at your ceremony altar, behind your dessert table, or even as a prop backdrop for your funky photo booth section. Felt is a great material to transport and store because it doesn’t wrinkle, tear like paper nor fray like other types of fabric. Whatever your use for it, Fiskars made cutting several sheets of thick felt a breeze. Let us begin:

DIY Felt Backdrop

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Felt sheets in various colors (we used Gold, Black, Yellow, Light Pink, Beige and White)
Fiskars The Original Orange-Handled Scissors™ (8″)
Glittered Foam sheets in gold
Puffy paint
A larger piece of fabric the size your banner (we used an Ikea twin flat sheet cut to size)
Wooden dowel
Hot glue

DIY Felt Backdrop

DIY Felt Backdrop

1. Lay out the white felt sheets on scrap paper or newspaper, and draw patterns with puffy paint.

2. While they dry, start cutting petals out of the non-patterned felt and the glittered foam sheets. To do this, fold your sheets length-wise and cut. Fold your strips in half and cut again. Fold again in half and cut once more and now, you should have 8 pieces per sheet. Tip: If you need to calculate how many felt sheets you need to make a backdrop with the exact proportions pictured here, each felt sheet makes 8 petals of roughly 3×4 inches.

DIY Felt Backdrop

DIY Felt Banner -
DIY Felt Backdrop

DIY Felt Backdrop

3. Now you can stack 2 pieces and fold in half length-wise. Cut an imaginary half-arch on one of the ends. Fiskars The Original Orange-Handled Scissors™ (8″) are great for thick materials, so I was able to cut 2-3 sheets at a time with no extra effort.


4. Create a rod pocket with your piece of fabric by folding a 3″ wide tab. Glue the edges and insert the wooden dowel rod.

5. Turn the fabric to the other side, and start gluing your petals at random. Here we picked a color palette inspired by our favorite artist Ashley Goldberg (we’re obsessed, yes).



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