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DIY Feather Clips

DIY Feather Clips

I’m excited to welcome back Jenny of Hank and Hunt to our DIY column! You may remember this DIY project from a few years ago. I will let her take it from here:

Want to add a quick pop of color and frivolity to your wedding? Find a brightly colored boa and make a few poms to use anywhere and everywhere through out the day.

diy feather ideas

You will need:
feather boa
1 1/2″ wood circles
hot glue gun
shoe clips, pins or other style of attachments

Plug in your glue gun and let it heat up. Be sure to place it over a piece of foil or glue mat to catch the drips. Trim the tie off of the boa so you are starting with feathers and not thread. Make a glue dot about the size of your pinky tip in the center of a wood circle. Pull back the feathers and press the end of the boa in the glue. We want to secure the boa to the circle, if you don’t push back the feather fluff, it won’t adhere properly.

diy clips
diy neon poms

diy shoe clips

diy wedding shoe clips

Once set, add another arc from the center about 3/4″ long, pull feathers back and press boa into the glue. This will start to form a spiral from the center out. Pull the feathers towards you and press the center line of the boa into the glue as you work your way out. Add glue and repeat until you are on the outer edge of the circle. Trim the end and press into a final dot of glue on the edge. Once secure, but while still warm, press feathers over end dot to cover. Make as many as you need.

feather boa diy ideas
diy feather clips

For shoe clips, as seen here, attach clips with hot glue on the back of the wood circles. Use a quarter size amount of glue and press. You want to secure the whole clip to the wood. If you are making favor box toppers, glue the finished poms to the top of boxes. For bag adornments, attache the wood clips to pins, you can find them in the jewelry section of the craft shop. How fun would these be for your bridesmaids hair too?

diy neon pom poms

However you choose to incorporate them, I’m loving them with this cerulean blue shade. A single boa is really long and is available in almost any shade, a very budget friendly way to add a little pop to your party.

Images and Project: Jenny Batt of Hank and Hunt for Ruffled

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