We’re on a lace kick today! Next up is Aimee’s DIY non-floral boutonniere, made with crochet doilies, gold paper leaves and feathers. Our favorite part? The versatility. You can bookmark this project whether you’re having a winter or summer wedding. More to come!

 diy feather boutonniere groom

What You’ll Need:
– Floral Tape
– Floral Wire
– Scissors
– Hot Glue Gun
– Satin or Wired Ribbon
– Feathers
– Faux Berries
– Embellishment/ Scrapbooking Leaves
– Vintage Buttons
– Wooden Flower
– Crotchet Doily
– Lace

 diy groom bout non-floral
 doily DIY groom boutonniere

Step 1. Gather all of your neat supplies and millinery items you have collected and bring them to your work space. Have your glue gun hot and ready!

Step 2. Begin by choosing anything with stems that you will be using for the boutonniere such as leaves or faux berries. Cut/arrange the stems into a position that you like. Take the wire from a stem or floral wire, and begin to wrap around the rest of the wires. You may also use a floral pick or toothpick to wrap the wired stems around. Using a hot glue gun, neatly glue down items without stems such as feathers, ribbon, lace, flowers, or whatever else you plant to use into their desired positions. Only a small dab of glue will be needed to adhere your items down, this will ensure the glue is not visible on your completed boutonniere.

 DIY doily feather boutonniere

Step 3. Once all items are in place, take your floral tape and begin to wrap it around your stems until they are no longer visible. You may want to adjust the length of your stems by cutting them slightly shorter. The average size boutonniere is anywhere between 3 -4 inches long from top to bottom.

 Gold leaf DIY boutonniere groom pin

Step 4. You’re almost done! Once you have chosen your matching ribbon, glue one end of the ribbon at the top of your wires neatly. Glue down so that the ribbon is angled downwards and slowly begin to wrap your ribbon around the floral tape covered stems. The floral tape is sticky but not stick enough to hold down the ribbon so be sure to wrap around snugly.

 DIY vintage millinery boutonniere

Step 5. As you make it to the bottom begin to wrap back up the stem neatly as this will be the pattern you see. Again, pull snugly and space the over lapping ribbon as you desire. For additional embellishment you may add a thin string, or colored wire up the ribbon covered stem for an extra pop of color. In this case I have simply tied a little piece of lace in a knot.

 DIY vintage sweet boutonniere

Step 6. You now have your perfectly cute and unique boutonniere. This is sure to be an easy DIY project that is nothing short of fun and creativity!