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DIY Peacock Silk Hair Clip

DIY Peacock Silk Hair Clip

Chelsea Costa made easy hair clips out of silk and peacock feathers – don’t they look luxe?

 DIY wedding hair clip

 diy peacock feather hairclip

What you’ll need:
-2 peacock feathers
-scrap of synthetic fabric
-various beads
-plain metal hair clip or bobby pin
-needle and clear thread
-glue gun

 diy peacock feather hairclip

 diy peacock feather hairclip

Step 1: Trim down feathers to desired length and shape.

Step 2: Gently glue the feathers to the clip, slightly fanned away from each other.

Step 3: Cut a few circles of your scrap fabric, varying from large to small. The largest for this project was approx. 1 1/2 inches in diameter. Imperfection in size and shape is okay!

Step 4: Hold the edges of the fabric circles near the flame of a lighter, to slightly melt them. It should give them a curled finished edge.

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Step 5: Stack the circles on top of each other, largest on bottom and gradually smaller toward the top. Sew in the center with clear thread, so they form a flower. Sew your beads in the center of the flower.

Step 6: Glue the flower on the remaining visible portion of your hair clip, hiding the clip and the bottom of the feathers.

Step 7: Give to your bridesmaids as a gift or as an accessory to wear as she walks down the aisle!

 diy peacock feather hairclip

 diy peacock feather hairclip

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