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DIY Easter Cascarones

DIY Easter Cascarones

In the blink of an eye, Easter will be here – and you know what that means! Colorful eggs, chocolate bunnies, and spring flowers as far as the eye can see will fill our homes and delight both children and adults alike. To help get us in the spirit, we’ve got creative designer Kathryn Godwin with us to show how she makes these oh-so-fun DIY cascarones. Not only are they perfect for Easter and Cinco de Mayo, but they’re ideal for celebrations of any kind.

diy cascarones

For this project, you will need:
-Acrylic craft paint
-Craft paintbrush
-Craft glue
-Confetti filling
-Banner messages (optional; you can download them here)
-Scrap paper

diy cascarones
diy cascarones

1. Create a small crack by gently tapping the rounder end of the egg with a knife.
2. With the end of the knife, lift the small pieces to create an opening.
3. Delicately break small pieces away.
4. A nickel sized opening is the easiest to work with.
5. Gently shaking the egg, and a little encouragement with the knife, will help to remove the yolk.
6. 2 coats of acrylic craft paint to cover the egg. You can stand the egg on its end to dry.
7. Gather your confetti filling, and cut out the banner message of your choice.
8. Fill the egg halfway with confetti.
9. Use a pencil to begin to roll your banner message into a mini scroll and place in egg before filling the rest with confetti.
10. Lightly dot craft glue around the edge of crack.
11. Use a torn cut piece of paper that is slightly larger than the size of the opening, press around the edges to seal with the glue.
12. Finish painting the paper and a festive pattern.

diy cascarones

View step-by-step images here

Create festive bundles for gifts, thanks yous or party favors!

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