DIY Drink Boxes for Groomsmen

I hope you enjoyed your holidays as much as I did! I will be prepping for 2010 this week, so posting will be slightly lighter than usual. I spotted these do-it-yourself gifts for guys over at the talented photographer Victor Sizemore’s blog and I instantly thought of how wonderful it would be to give these as groomsmen gifts. These drink boxes are unique for each friend, and each has instructions and ingredients carefully packaged as well as their names hand stamped on the box top, sealed with a sticker.

Do-it-yourself groomsmen wedding gifts
Do-it-yourself groomsmen wedding gifts
Do-it-yourself groomsmen wedding gifts

  1. This is a fabulous and chic idea! Definitely going to pass the idea along to my fiance. Thanks for posting!

  2. We are totally doing this for my groomsmen! But where did they find those perfect boxes??? My fiancée and I have been running around and searching online for days and can’t find anything remotely that cool 🙁

  3. Finding the perfect groomsmen gift is no easy task. I don’t know what guy (except maybe a guy who doesn’t drink…) who wouldn’t love this gift. Very classy.

  4. Where can I find how to make these and the stuff use to make them. This is a cool idea and my groomsmen would love it.

  5. Where did you get the boxes and that cool looking liquor? Wedding in 4 months I need help lol

  6. Pinned and sent to my fiance for him to see. His friends will definitely love those. Love the Jager.

  7. You might want to look at a company called The Box Bros. We got the guys a gentlemen’s box from them last year and they are still talking about them.

    Heres the link to their site.

    Hope this helps!!!

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