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DIY Donut Hole Wedding Favors

DIY Donut Hole Wedding Favors

Obviously, we’re not quite ready to let go of tasty, edible wedding favor ideas, so for today’s DIY contest entry we’re showcasing homemade donut holes made by Anna! After a long night of dancing, what better way to send off your guests than with something to nibble on… and who doesn’t love donut holes?

diy donut hole wedding favorsdiy donut hole wedding favors

Doily Cones:
-paper doilies
-parchment paper
-ink pen
-pinking shears

diy donut hole wedding favorsdiy donut hole wedding favors

Donut Holes: (you can make your own or purchase from your favorite local donut shop)
-canned flakey biscuits
-frying oil (canola, vegetable etc…)
-powdered sugar
-paper bags

1.Take each doily and roll it to a cone shape and firmly tape it to hold in place.
2. Cut out strips of paper with your scallop scissors and write your “enjoy: message on each end.
3. Tape your messages on the inside edge of each cone.
4. Cut several squares of parchment paper and stuff inside each cone.
5. Place donut holes inside each cone, and try not to eat them!

diy donut hole wedding favorsdiy donut hole wedding favors

Donut Holes:
This is a simple delicious recipe and it tastes like a funnel cake!
Take biscuit dough out of the can. Pinch off a small piece of dough and roll into a ball to make donut hole. Do this with the rest of the can. Note, the donuts do expand in the grease, so don’t make them too big! Fill your pot with at least 2 inches of oil. Heat oil until it bubbles when you drop the dough in. Dough will cook quickly so flip dough over as you see it crisping. When your dough is golden brown take out immediately. Have your paper bag with powder sugar ready to go by the oil. As soon as your donuts are taken out of the oil, drop them into the bag and shake. Voila! Beautiful donut holes!

diy donut hole wedding favors

View step-by-step photos here

Anna Naphtali of The Colorful Living Project is a Ruffled sponsor.

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  • OMG I love donut holes… especially homemade. I have to try this!!!

  • I love the idea of making a cone out of a doily! Brilliant! And I love donuts…

  • Hi… this idea is so lovely… and can be used in a baby shower…
    thanks for sharing
    brazilian hugs

  • This would be perfect for a bridal shower, or an adorable little outdoor wedding! Seriously this is my favorite DIY yet! I could eat 100 of them right now.

  • Best DIY! I could do this for so many events… and at a wedding- how cute would that be? I can’t wait to try it.

  • I just made these and they are delicious! Thanks so much for sharing. What a great idea!

  • How far ahead of time can these donut holes be made?
    Thanks for a great idea!

  • Please don’t let the grease bubble! Just tried this a few hours ago and now I have to wipe down my walls and ceilings and repaint because they are black. I just glad my house didn’t burn down like I thought it was going to. The grease caught on fire because it got too hot! Before you make these look up the correct temperature for the grease! Please!

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