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DIY Cross-Stitched Placecards

DIY Cross-Stitched Placecards

Stitching on paper is one of my favorite ways to mix media in a modern way. Elisa Restea Design created these cross-stitched cards and placecards and she will show us how to make them. If you have lots of guests, this idea would work just as great as table numbers! Thanks to Vanagraph for the images.

DIY Cross-Stitched Placecards

DIY Cross-Stitched Placecards
DIY Cross-Stitched Placecards
DIY Cross-Stitched Placecards

You can do the same for table numbers and place cards:
DIY Cross-Stitched Placecards

You will need:

– watercolor paper card and envelope
– bone folder
– embroidery floss
– embroidery needle
– head pin
– clear tape
– foam sheets
– cardboard
– clothespins
– scissors
– cardstock
– foam tape
– printed text in a pretty font

Find a font that you like and create a template with the message you want on the card. Make sure the font letters are not too thick, and that the template is small enough that you won’t have to sew too close to the edge of the card (potential for tearing card). Once you have your template, cut it out and lay it out in the direction you choose. Tape it lightly to the card.

Take the cardboard, lay the piece of foam paper over it, then the card, and secure all together with the clothespins.

Take the head pin and press into the paper along the template. Leave enough space between punctures so that you will not have to stitch too closely (potential for tearing). Once you are done, carefully remove the template off the card.

Thread your needle and use a backstitch technique to move along the card until you have stitched all the letters. Keep your template handy as a reference.

Cut a piece of cardstock the same size as the card. Place a small piece of foam tape on each of the corners of the card on the inside where you have the stitching. Match the cardstock to the inside corners, pressuring down on the paper so that it sticks well to the foam tape.

Use a bone folder to fold the card. Voila! You have your very own unique handmade card!

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  • Thanks for the tutorial! The instructions are correct in calling the technique backstitch–not cross-stitch, as the post title indicates, though I bet cross-stitched cards would look super cool. (Cross-stitch forms little x’s, or crosses.)

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