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DIY Contest Winners

DIY Contest Winners

What an amazing DIY Contest that was! I was delighted to share so many creative projects, I can definitely tell how hard it was to pick a winner. We counted the votes over the weekend and it was a very tight competition! Remember first place winner will receive $500 and second place a $100 gift certificate to the fabulous Wendy Mink Jewelry, so there was a lot at stake. We filtered all repeat votes and counted all the 819 votes. So without further ado, the winners are…

Second place winner is…

DIY Painted wine bottle centerpieces

Entry #24: DIY Bottle Centerpieces

From Hillary:
For my wedding, I will be painting the bottles all white, but I was inspired to try different colors for this project. It is probably the most inexpensive, eco-friendly way to turn something you have laying around your house into something unique and beautiful for your centerpieces or even your table at home! Click here for instructions.

And the first place winner is…

DIY yarn fabric bouquet

Entry #11: DIY Pom Pom Bouquet

From Alexandra:
This bouquet uses yarn scraps, old shirts of the groom’s (flannel and cotton button-down), an old tank top, a vintage knitting needle, some vintage lace, and old ribbon scrap. You also need a needle (curved would be preferable) and thread that matches your fabric, jewelry wire (about 26 gauge, a bit wider would be ok too), pins (optional, actually, you could sew everything), and fabric or hot glue, wire cutters (pliers might be helpful but not really necessary). I also added in a necklace, which is optional- you could also use a brooch, or any sentimental sort of trinket that can be tied or pinned on. Click here for instructions.

Congratulations Hillary and Alexandra! I will be contacting you shortly. If you’re new here, you don’t want to miss the DIY projects submitted by all the participants. It’s chock full of creativity!

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  • yay! i love that bouquet- a great alternative to real flowers! one of my brides recently asked for a mock-up in her wedding colors. it’s lovely, soft + vintage. congrats alexandra!

  • Congratulations to the winners! Awesome choices, great inspiration.

  • great collection. the recycled clothing pom poms are so cute!

  • OH MY GOD REALLY???!?!?!!?


    Thank you!! I can’t believe it, I never win things!!

  • wow! this was such a fun contest and i am so proud that i got second!! i also cannot wait to go back and try out all the other amazing entries. thank you so much amanda for this opportunity and i cannot wait to do a little jewelry shopping soon!

  • Nice! Amanda this was such a great contest, loved seeing all the creative ideas. Thanks for all you do in inspiring our community!

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