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DIY Chandelier

DIY Chandelier

Oh Apartment Therapy, how I love thee.  You provide me with endless hours of distraction, and now, a new project. sigh….


This was featured only a couple of days ago… Please forgive me for reposting, but I just fell in love!

All you need is:

  • wire baskets (found at thrift stores, home and garden stores, kitchen shops or nurseries)
  • Glass jars
  • candles
  • Crystals, Beads and whatever else you can glam it up with

The post even mentioned spray painting the wire basket gold to kick up the glam factor.  Fabulous! This is about the easiest DIY project I’ve seen in a while. And the result is so pretty!

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You could even use multi-tiered baskets for a more dramatic look.


xoxo- jenny

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