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DIY Calligraphy Decals

DIY Calligraphy Decals

This DIY calligraphy decal is an easy one to tackle if you’re in a pinch for pretty calligraphy but don’t want to risk free handwriting. Best of all, clean up is just a peel off away. Using the Vintage Wood Charger from , we doubled these pretty charger plates as placecards, but you can also try creating menus if you’re feeling ambitious!


You will need:
transfer paper
cutting machine such as a cameo or cricut
calligraphy font of your choice (we used Mulberry, but keep in mind that thicker fonts will work best)
weeder (tweezers will work as well)
something to scrape the transfer paper, like a bank card


Ruffled - photo by Joyelle West Photography

Ruffled - photo by Joyelle West Photography

If you have a cutting machine, cut the vinyl directly from your computer.
Remove the excess vinyl from around your text and remove the inner bit with the help of a weeder or tweezers. You will be left with your vinyl cut with like in step 2 in the photo below.

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Overlay the transfer paper on the vinyl. Scrape the surface to make sure it adheres evenly.

Peel the vinyl backing and place it on the wood charger like a sticker. Scrape the surface of the transfer paper to make sure it adheres evenly.

Last photo by Joyelle West, florals by Wild Folk Studio

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