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DIY Lavender Table Numbers

DIY Lavender Table Numbers

We all love Julie Harmsen at Ruffled HQ…This time she created a lavender and burlap table number, which combines two of my favorite things.

 flower pot table number wedding centerpieces

 terra cotta flower pot wedding ideas

What you’ll need:
– ceramic pot
– burlap
– glue
– small tag
– tea bag and water
– lighter
– metal button
– ivory stones
– lavender

Step 1. Soak the small tag in the tea.

 tea stained wedding tags

Step 2. Cut a rectangle piece of burlap and glue it to the ceramic pot.

 burlap and terra cotta vases wedding project

 flower pot wedding vase

Step 3. Allow the tag to dry and burn the edges.

 vintage paper tag

Step 4. Write the table number on the tag

 flower pot burlap wedding table numbers

Step 5. Glue the metal button to the end of the tag and glue it to the burlap pot.
Step 6. Fill the pot with ivory stones.
Step 7. Insert several sprigs of lavender in the center. Ta-dah!

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