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DIY Bride and Groom Sign

DIY Bride and Groom Sign

Julie Harmsen made these adorable bride + groom signs for her own wedding. Cute as a button!

bride groom wedding sign

What you’ll need:
– wooden plack
– buttons
– round wooden slice
– burlap
– glue
– tea bag and water
– tags
– scissors
– lighter

diy wooden sign wedding

button wedding sign

Step 1. Cut out an oval piece of burlap the size of the front of the plack.
Step 2. Glue the burlap to the wooden plack
Step 3. Soak the tags in tea water and let them dry.
Step 4. Cut a circle piece of burlap and glue it to the round wooden slice.
Step 5. Glue the buttons and burlap wooden slice to the plack.
Step 6. Burn the edges of the tags and write the bride and groom’s name on them.
Step 7. Glue the tags on the plack.

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