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DIY Boutonnieres

DIY Boutonnieres

When I first saw these adorable boutonnieres, I had to ask Stephanie. exactly how she made them. She was very kind to share step by step instructions and photos but you can also find them on her blog.

DIY Boutonniere

What you’ll need:

  • scissors
  • glue gun
  • tape
  • paper & clay flowers (can be found at Michael’s Craft Store)
  • vintage millinery leaves. Purchased from Etsy seller Book Nook Creations.
  • binding ribbon (9 inches long). Purchased from Etsy seller Caramelos
  • accent ribbon (5 inches long). Purchased from Etsy seller Caramelos
  • charms & feathers. Guinea feathers were purchased from Etsy seller The Little Beadhive. Ginkgo leaf and clover charms were purchased from Etsy seller Charms 4 Design.

DIY Boutonnieres



Step 1: Start by trimming the excess fluff from the guinea feather base. Using the glue gun, hem the edges of the accent ribbon. This method works best for thick textured ribbon like I used here. If using a satin ribbon, try hemming using a needle & thread or burning the edges with a candle to prevent fraying.

Step 2: Gather (2) of the clay flowers & (1) paper flower. Arrange at different heights & secure by wrapping stems together. Add (1) millinery leaf. Wrap the wire base of the millinery leaf securely around the flower bundle. Add trimmed guinea feather to bundle & secure using scotch tape.

Step 3: Using the binding ribbon & glue gun, wrap around the base of the bundle, adding a dot of glue every two rounds or so. This will secure the binding ribbon, preventing it from unraveling while you wrap. Finish with a final dot of glue and press binding ribbon firmly to the bundle base.

Step 4: Tie the accent ribbon into a loose knot & slide over the bundle base. Using the glue gun, add a drop of glue to one of the clay flower leaves & firmly press charm to it.

Thanks Steph for being so thorough!

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