Courtney and Amber Moon sent this project that Amber’s mom helped create for her wedding.

vintage bird bath diy candle

bird bath bowl candle

What you’ll need:
– Candle Wax
– Candle Wicks
– Found Objects
– Mismatched Ramekins & Containers
– Cappuccino Milk Pot or Teapot for melting
– White Appliance Spray paint
– Optional: Glue gun


vintage bird bath bowl candles centerpieces

vintage candle

Step 1. Gather materials – Explore thrift shops, dollar stores, even your grandma’s home for objects that represent your relationship and theme.
Step 2. Spray found objects white, or color of choice – the palette is yours.
Step 3. Arrange object and candle wicks in ramekin or containers… lightly tack down with glue gun if desired.
Step 4. Cut wax to fit in melting vessel – thrift store teapots and cappuccino frothers both work perfectly.
Step 5. Carefully melt wax on low heat, slowly stirring – keep a watchful eye – wax is very flammable!
Step 6. Slowly pour wax into candle container.
Step 7. Let wax cool thoroughly.
Step 8. Repeat with other combinations of objects and ramekins.
Step 9. Trim wicks to 1/4″ above wax level.
Step 10. Light candles and enjoy!

  • This is a really sweet idea.

  • The best idea that I’ve seen all morning. I think I’m going to make this tonight – can’t wait for my wedding!

  • Lauren

    Adorably perfect!

  • Jonathan

    that is VERY cool!!

  • Amber Moon @pitbullsposies

    Thank you Amanda, we’re so honored! xo!

  • em

    i love this idea!!

  • Emily

    Loves it! And it looks easy enough for the uncrafty like me to try. Thanks!

  • i love this adorable

  • Ginny

    What could be more romantic than a candle- homemade with love no less? This doesn’t look to hard, I want to make these! Love it!

  • Lin

    Oh my goodness – these are so pretty, and look so easy to do. These are my favorite and I cannot wait to give this project a try! This would work nicely with really sweet vintage birds, or even thrifted ones that you can find at Goodwill! Love the photos – beautiful!

  • How beatiful! Thanks for sharing!! :)

  • Amber’s Brother

    They were beautiful. My sister is creeeeeeeeeeeeeeative! Love them.

  • patti

    I am getting married in November of 2011 and this is an idea I will definitely work into my table decor. Beautiful and easy!

  • Mindi

    What a fantastic idea! Such a beautiful center piece… this makes me want to create one right now!

  • YES! i love it!!! i want to make one, too!!!

  • Michelle

    Beautiful. What an amazing addition to an amazing wedding day!

  • Lesley

    How sweet and simple and beautiful is this idea?! I’m going to try it at home!! Thank you!!

  • Jennifer

    Amber, can you email me more pics of the other candles> Did you use them on all your table tops? I love this so much!!

  • This is such a creative & beautiful idea! Amber & Courtney are brilliant! I am so in love with these…

  • jenna

    Love, love, love – I am going to try these for my bridal luncheon!

  • Wow! Oh my gosh I’ve gotten some great fun things to do from your website today. I’m going into hermit mode to start crafting! :-)

  • I like them so much! Thank you for this aweso,e idea! I’m going to do it myself! :)