The bride and groom from this morning’s wedding used, amongst other materials for their handmade decorations, artichokes. It blended with their rustic beach feel perfectly and is a much more affordable alternative to floral centerpieces. We’re going to show how they incorporated them in two different ways: in their ceremony decor and centerpieces. They’re the bee’s knees in bouquets, and can be used in a slew of ways for your wedding table too.

Artichokes as hanging bud vases:
DIY Artichoke candle holders and centerpieces

They used them to decorate the ceremony aisle hanging from Shepard’s hooks. They turned the artichokes upside down, wrapped the stems with twine and added flowers at the top. They would look adorbs hanging from reception tables or altar too.

Artichokes as candle holders:
DIY Artichoke candle holders and centerpieces

These barely need any instructions. After you cut one bottom flat for the base and hollow them to fit your tea lights, rinse them in lemon juice to avoid oxidation (thank you Bridal Cookie for the tip).

All photos by Marissa Rodriguez.

  • Really sweet idea! I love artichokes- they’re such a pretty food!

  • I used artichokes in the bouquets I recently made for a friends wedding (see the blog post), but I wouldn’t call them a way to save money! At $3 each from the wholesale florist, they certainly weren’t a bargain. I would also warn that the insides can be really sharp, and they aren’t the easiest thing to deal with. That said, they’re super cute, so best of luck with your DIY!!!

    • Amanda

      You’re right, they do vary $2-3 which is still cheaper than floral arrangements. They are definitely not cheap per se, hence the scattered use of them on tables and pews :)

  • What a clever idea…I love that natural green color of the artichoke with those creamy peachy flowers…gorgeous! XO, Katie

  • such a cute/clever idea!

  • love those shepherds hooks!!!

  • DIY Favors

    How creative! I’ve never seen anything like that, and I love the idea. Who knew artichokes could look so pretty?

  • Awesome idea! I bet the candle holders would work well for Thanksgiving, too…

  • I love when I see artichokes used in bouquets or centerpieces. They really are a beautiful addition. And these ideas are so cool and unique!

  • What a great idea. Very original.


  • Love this trend. Seems like couples are favoring produce over floral accents. Delish!

  • I love these creative ideas. Vegetables can be affordable and fun. I have always loved kale or cabbage in floral arrangements as well.

  • Julia

    Very pretty idea! …and they are cheap and easy, the three things I like most when decorating.

  • Those hanging bud vases are such a swell idea; they look really good! C:

  • Shephard’s hooks can get expensive, but you don’t have to buy them new. You can pick up hooks at yard sales, thrift stores, flea markets, etc. and then just use a can of spray paint to make them all match.

  • Go Green and you can eat it too!

  • This is a great idea! Our blog readers would love it. Let me know whether I can post it on our blog.

  • Love the candle holder. Great idea!