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DIY Arrow Napkin Rings

DIY Arrow Napkin Rings

We have been waiting on the edge of our seats to share this project! When we landed our eyes on Firefly Events‘s showstopper of a table this past August, we were immediately in love with their napkin rings. We later learned that they used arrow bracelets from Anthro! Genius. Since it was a dream-scenario with space for just one table, they were able to splurge at $48 each. With a real wedding with 15 or more tables, not so much. So continuing with our installment on how to bring inspiration to real life, we found a cost-friendly solution in the best of High Low examples. Our DIY version costs about $46.50 less!

DIY arrow napkin ring

From Teissia of Firefly Events: We had never done napkin rings before – mostly because we had never found ones that we liked! But when we saw these cute bracelets at Anthropologie, we thought that they would make a great updated version. Plus, we had decided to use gold as our main accent color, so they were a perfect fit. We love how the simple black napkins made these delicate bracelets pop.

Because these bracelets come at a $48 price tag, using them for a real wedding with 100+ place settings is not realistic ($4800!) . So we created a budget-friendly version of Firefly Events’ fabulous idea, but using arrow findings (those jewelry bits that look like pendants but don’t have holes). We shared a project using jewelry findings before here.

DIY arrow napkin rings
marble table runner
photo above by Les Loups

All you need to make these fab Anthro-inspired arrow napkin rings are a rubber mallet (a lightweight one, used for crafts and jewelry), a piece of felt and a metal pipe (3 inch diameter is ideal for napkin rings). Simply wrap the felt around the pipe to protect the arrow pieces from getting scratched and gently hammer the arrow pieces around the pipe, forming open rings. This Etsy seller carries the largest arrow findings we came across, and they also offer bulk discounts. These cute little charms also make amazing bouts and tie clips for the gents, with smaller arrows like these ones!

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  • This is such a cute idea! I wish the arrow findings were longer though, so the napkin rings could be bigger. Perfect for smaller napkins!

  • This is a very cute idea, but doing the math, I can’t figure out how you would use those arrows from the Etsy store to make napkin rings any bigger than 1″ diameter.

    Someone check my math, but I think…
    Pi times diameter = circumference. You say that the diameter should be about three inches. In order to have a 3 in. diameter, your ring would have a circumference of more than nine inches. 9 inches= 228.6 mm. The arrows sold by the Etsy shop are 62mm long.

    You would have to link together 4 of them to get around the napkin ring. But if you were able to do that and link them with jump rings, I think that the napkin rings would still be cute. They will just cost about $17 each instead of 4.

    • True, but the rings don’t have to close all the way. Just a little bit of bending enough to place over the napkin would give the same look!

    • oh, another idea if you prefer closing the entire circumference is to wrap a matching antique brass wire around it. Jewelry supplies stores sell them in different finishes.

  • If you were to use larger findings, you could make super cute bracelets! This is a cute idea and you could use different types of findings instead of arrows!

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