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DIY Paper Doily Envelopes

DIY Paper Doily Envelopes

Next up is Hellen’s paper doily envelopes. She created outer envelopes, I might add, to match the whimsy of her wedding invitations. The vellum reinforcing the underside of the doilies makes these darlings looks luxe. Love.

 paper doily envelope wedding invitations

What you’ll need:
– 9 inch square doilies
– Vellum/tracing paper
– Craft Adhesive Spray
– Art Card
– Cutter
– Double-sided tape
– Cutting mat
– Ruler

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Step 1: Create a template for the tracing paper/vellum. I used my old drawing block as the template. After a few attempts to get the right template, I am satisfied with my crisp looking template!

Step 2: Trace the template into the tracing paper and use cutter to cut it. But for the folded side in the middle, use the blunt edge of the cutter to give a folding mark.

Step 3: Spray the tracing paper with the Adhesive Spray. Don’t forget to put newspaper to cover the surrounding area. Leave it for 15 seconds. Carefully stick it to the doilies, make sure it fits perfectly.

Step 4: Fold the doilies to follow the tracing paper’s structure. Secure the inside of the envelope with double-sided tape. Voila! Beautifully hand-crafted envelope.

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  • I saw this project on martha stewart weddings website a while back. A fun DIY though.

  • These are so cute! I also really love Hellen’s invites – do you know if she also made or designed those herself or did she purchase them? (if so I would love to know the name of the supplier!!)

  • What a pretty DIY project! Although, I’d consider this an INNER envelope since I wouldn’t recommend putting those envelopes in the mail unless you want them to arrive ripped to shreds by the postal service.

  • I LOVE this idea. I want to do this, but coffee stain the paper before-hand so they look aged. They can be the inner envelope, as mentioned above, and just add a bit of “pretty” to the handmade invitations I’m planning! 🙂

  • Love this so much. I have no wedding to make these for but these are way too gorgeous to pass up. I’ll think of something to use them for. 🙂

  • Does anyone know what size the invite is? The finished envelope looked completely closed, but with the invite it looked like it could not be closed all the way. What size invite could the envelope comfortably hold?

  • Any suggestions as to where one could purchase square paper doilies??

  • Hi all, thank you for the comments! Initially I thought of using it as the inner envelope, but the idea of having lace envelope is too exciting to be passed on.The size is 5′ x 7′. I bought the square doilies from ebay. If you want to mail this envelope, you need an outer envelope. So best if you can hand-delivered!

  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!! Did I mention I love this idea?! Haha! I am not getting married but I love pretty things and getting some neat ideas if I do get married. They all seem easy to do and I just want to say thank you for posting!

  • I love this idea. My wedding is a vintage/rustic theme. My invitions are printed on a lightly patterend fabric & I wanted an equally delicate envelope. has translucent A7 envelopes, so the lace detail won’t get ruined & will still showcase the wonderful DIY aspect. Thanks for the tutorial!

  • I love this! My wedding is next year and it is a victorian style and I plan to use this idea as a save the date! They are beautiful. I purchased my doilies online at 32 Degrees North. They were inexpensive and are very reliable.
    Thanks for the idea!!!

  • Would this work with 10″ doilies? I can’t find the 9″ ones!

    Murielle AUGUSTE

  • Do you think that you could use freezer paper instead of Vellum/Tracing paper. I live overseas and it would be very expensive to get Vellum here. Thoughts?

  • any way you could post where we could find these paper doilies?

  • I cannot find 9″ doilies. Where can I buy these? I could only find 8 inch and 10 inch.

  • Great idea! I’m not getting married/using these for invites, but as a mail artist it is ALWAYS exciting to find new envelope ideas! These came out totally gorgeous and I’ve been including them as inserts for my penpal letters 🙂 I’ve gotten a lot of positive responses!

  • Would need your assistance please tell me where I can purchase the doilies from in south Africa. Please help!

  • Love this, but any help where can i find the 9″ square doilies, I only find 8 and 10″, thank you in advance

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