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DIY 5 Seconds Table Runner

DIY 5 Seconds Table Runner

We will be sharing a few quick and EASY projects from our shoot with this morning. This is perhaps the fastest DIY we have ever shared in Ruffled history. Not a whole lot of directions needed here: just cut the edge of the muslin fabric at the width you need your table runner to be and rip the fabric.



Ruffled - photo by Joyelle West Photography

Muslin is particularly great if you’re DIYing this for your wedding because it’s crazy inexpensive and it comes in wide widths such as 108″ inches, which means up to 9 table runners (if each runner is 12″ wide) with just a few yards of fabric.

What we love about this DIY is the even frayed edges that the runner will get. The selvage typically comes frayed, which means only the sides of where you will rip the fabric will be touched. All you need to do snip the width, rip and iron!

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