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Distraction or Fun Attraction?

Distraction or Fun Attraction?


I say the latter. Forgive me if you’ve seen this trend on every blog this side of Topeka, but having been to a wedding this summer with a photo booth, I gotta say it was a highlight.

I’ve done a little research and a basic booth will set you back anywhere between $400 to $1,500, so it’s not exactly a budget friendly attraction.  That said there are many more pro’s than con’s to including one in your reception. 

1) Fun activity and party favor all in one. Most brides leave a guest book next to it so you can glue a ribbon of your pictures with a note for the couple.  Bonus, you get to keep the other strip for yourself as a little wedding momento.

2) If you’re having a sit down affair followed by dancing, this is one more way to loosen the crowd up and get everyone into a party mood.

3) Can we say Amelie? Nothing’s more darling than a photo booth picture of you and yours, come on.

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On the con side, at the wedding I attended mid way through the bride’s maid of honor’s (her sister) very touching and tear jerking speech, a huge SQUACK emerged from the booth. The bride’s Uncle and his very wasted girlfriend tumbled out in hysterics. Needless to say, it was a bit of a buzzkill. Buyer be warned.

(photo by Grace Kim Photography)

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