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It’s time for another giveaway! This time, from one of our awesome sponsors – Hello! Lucky. Two lucky readers will win a set of 100 digital save-the-date cards by Hello! Lucky. Below are just a few of our new favorites:

Hello! Lucky save the date creative hand drawn fonts modern cards
Giddy yet? See below for how to enter to win!
Hello! Lucky Save the Date card giveaway creative design

Simply leave a comment telling us which design you will choose if you win! You can start choosing by clicking here. The contest ends on Sunday, June 13th at 11:59 pm EST, and the two winners will be randomly selected and will be announced the following Friday. You can enter once a day to increase your chances of winning!

  • kaleigh williams

    I love Meadow!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win this great prize.

  • Jamie

    We’re “planning” on doing vintage postcards for our wedding, but I’m finding it impossible to figure out to do them nice and neat on the back, so an awesome alternative would be the “Special Delivery” postcard save-the-dates. I’m sure we can use vintage postcards, elsewhere =)

  • Anna-Maria

    Brilliant!!!! They’re all lovely but I think my favourite is the Vintage Photo Save the Date! Fingers crossed.

  • Kaila

    I am completely torn between the Origami Garden and the Lunaria. I want my Save the Date cards to really set the precedent for a lovely simple and modern outdoor wedding in beautiful Brown County, Indiana. SO…. after much thought(and toggling between both designs for the last 5 minutes)I LOVE the Lunaria design best.

  • So hard to choose! Either Special Delivery, Swirly Vine, or Big Day.

  • Alison

    I really like special delivery!!!

  • Ashley

    The Meadow with Chocolate and Grass would be absolutely PERFECT for our outdoor wedding! I love it!

  • Amy

    I like Tahoe, I think it’d set the mood for our wedding very nicely!! Thanks

  • Sam

    I LOVE the Big Day save the date! Thanks!

  • I love peonies and orchids!!!

  • I LOVE Heartland-in Espresso, Persimmon, and Spring! These would be perfect for our small October-DIY wedding that is being held in a barn!

  • Alisa Currie

    i LOVE meadow!

    these are gorgeous. thanks for sharing this amazing website!

  • Kendra Rose

    The Tuscany design in espresso is amazing

  • Carla Martinez

    WOW! What an amazing giveaway! I absolutely LOVE the Flowery Field
    Photo Save the Date in Gravel & Pool. The colr scheme matches perfectly and the design is simply stunning. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.

  • Annie S.

    It’s so hard to make a choice, but I would have to say my favorites are Take Note (in gravel). Thanks for all the wonderful posts, you do a fantastic job! :)

  • Annie S.

    Hi, I love the Take Note cards in gravel. Thanks for all you do!

  • How great, I could totally use these! I will be sending out save-the-dates this fall and the Sophisticate or Heartland would be so great, but I also love the Vintage photo one!

  • Amber

    I love the Special Delivery save the date cards. They would go perfectly with our personalities and wedding theme!

  • Lauren

    I love the Big Day in Coal, Gravel, & Pool. They are simple and go perfectly with the wedding I am planning.

  • Rachel

    I love Big Day (Coal, Lucky Red and Pool) because it is so sweet and simple. Love it!

  • Kaelyn

    I love the French deco design! Simple and beautiful.

  • Nicole & Victor

    What a generous give-away! We love the Nouveau Peonies in curry, spring, & stone. Tahoe in chocolate & moss, and Big Day. All of these designs are so great…!
    Nicole & Victor

  • Brian

    I love the Big Day in Coal, Gravel, & Pool. They are simple and go perfectly with the wedding I am planning.

  • Hillary

    i would love the take note save the date! really beautiful and simple!

  • I love both the New York Skyline and the Visit New York styles! Can you guess where I’m getting married? Great giveaway!

  • Elise

    i would pick the cut paper save the dates. they’re beautiful!

  • Kara

    I love the woodland damask! So vintage!!

  • lindsey k

    i would definitely go for the “Big Day” save the dates. So simple and graphic…I would love them in Curry and Coal.

  • Tara

    This is really nice! I love them all! The “Visit San Francisco” style is my favorite.

  • I would choose the Big Day – love how it’s so clean and simple.

  • Jette

    I love Big Day!

  • Margo Beth

    I think we’d definitely choose the San Francisco Skyline design in black because we’re getting married in the city!

  • Kimber

    I love the Take Note design because you can customize it with a cute engagement picture:) I would love to win these personalized save-the-dates!

  • melissa

    The clean lines and vintage feel of San Francisco skyline are my favorite!

  • Ali

    I can only pick one?! They are all so nice, but I think Seagulls is my fave.

  • srh

    I LOVE the cut paper photo save the date, but I would probably go with the wildwood one. ..

  • Rachel

    Oak is my favorite! Simple and elegant.

  • Caroline C

    I just love the swiss dot stationery! they would almost be too beautiful to send away!

  • Hepsibob Plodka

    I love the Nouveau Peonies- peonies are such special flowers… short blooming period, but so special.

  • carla

    so many!!! I really like the vintage photo, mi amor and big day save the dates!!!! thank you

  • Melissa

    I love the seagulls (beach) std, and our colors are blue and yellow…perfect!

  • Sarah

    I would definitely choose the Meadow design… it’s so pretty, natural and relaxed. Just about the only relaxing element to the chaos that is wedding planning!

  • Meghan

    I believe the sparrows design would be absolutely fabulous for my day!

  • oh my goodness, what a FABULOUS giveaway. i would choose the flowery field i think. so simple and organic!

  • kenny c

    my fiancee and i would love the flowery field save-the-dates!

  • S

    Woodland Damask would look so great for my vintage-inspired wedding!

  • Miranda

    I really love the Big Day in Coal, Gravel & Pool. Perfect colors for our wedding, and I feel like that design really fits our personality best–simple, yet fun and sophisticated.

  • Sarah H.

    I love the one from your post – Big Day. There’s just something modern, fun feeling about it that makes it perfect for a digital STD.

  • I LOVE Take Note!!

  • i really like “Vintage Lace”. thank you for hosting this giveaway

  • i think i’d have to choose Tuscany – pumpkin. love them all, though!



  • Nicole & Victor

    We love the Nouveau Peonies in curry, spring, & stone. Tahoe in chocolate & moss, and Big Day. All of these designs are so great…!
    Nicole & Victor

  • Nicole & Victor

    We love the Nouveau Peonies in curry, spring, & stone as well as the Tahoe in chocolate & moss, and Big Day. All of these designs are so great…!
    Nicole & Victor

  • Alisha C

    My fiance and I really love the Nouveau Peonies save the dates, they were amazing and would perfectly tie into the ceremony site of a glass palace indoor conservatory.

  • I love the baroque frams! Thanks for another great giveaway!

  • David Schreiner

    Showing my hand a little bit perhaps, but I like the vintage lace – that’s how my bride and I’d like to send out our savethedates.

  • Uhm, yes. I would love to win the Big Day save the dates. So cute!

  • Di

    The cherry blossom save-the-dates are beautiful!

  • Betsy

    Digital Save the Date
    Gravel & Grass


  • jennyC

    I love, love, love the ‘Cut Paper” in Chocolate, Lucky Red & Pool

  • Hollie

    All of them are amazing!! The one that I would choose would be “Meadow” in gravel and grass. So simple and beautiful.


  • jane

    i love the photobooth save the dates, but i would pick the “take note” design. heart.

  • Nicole & Victor

    Such a generous give-away! We love the Nouveau Peonies in curry, spring, & stone. Tahoe in chocolate & moss, and Big Day. All of these designs are so great!
    Nicole & Victor

  • Elaine

    I would love to use the Naturalist save the date in chocolate and spring.

  • Georgia Peters

    My fav is sparrow! xGeorgia

  • Desi

    I love the “Special Delivery” save the dates! Super stress free…but customized at the same time.

  • Nicole & Victor

    We love the Nouveau Peonies in curry, spring, & stone and Big Day the most, but all of these designs are so great…!
    Nicole & Victor

  • Nicole

    I like Big Day. So cute!

  • Amanda Belmares

    Big Day! Coal and pool

  • Christina

    I love Hello Lucky! The urban skylines are my favorite, and I really wish they made one of Chicago. My next favorite would be the Big Day.

  • Kristen

    They’re all so wonderful! I think I’ll have to say that I favor the “Sparrows” design in berry and espresso the best but it sure was difficult choosing a favorite!

  • stephanie

    gosh! how on earth do you pick just one? I keep coming back to Lunaria so I would definitely go with that! :)

  • Linda Schilberg

    Note book doodle is killer!

  • Kimberly

    I would either choose Ironwork or Ritz. Love them both!!!

  • Ling

    I like Big Day. Simple & sweet =)

  • I really love Big Day. I was going to make ours, but if I can WIN them, even better! Thanks for this giveaway. It is awesome!

  • angela

    we’re marrying in a meadow, and it’s just perfect.

  • Brandi

    I love so many of them especially the Visit series with the vintage feel… Unfortunately they don’t have Florida so I would go with special delivery which is near second for me.

  • Kristen Madar

    There are so many great designs. I like ‘Home Sweet Home’ best because im planning to have my wedding at my parent’s house.

  • Gina

    Big Day! (Coal and pool!)

  • I am a big fan of Big Day. I’d get it customized in Sage and Espresso.

  • DeAnna G

    Love, love, love the vintage photo postcard Save the Date. Awesome giveaway!!

  • There are so many I love! So hard to choose. I would love to show off our engagement photos with the Baroque Frame or the Vintage Photo Booth style. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  • Sally

    I love Sweetheart. It’s a perfect design!

  • I love the peonies and the rustic poppies. How sweet.

  • Katie

    I would choose either Big Day, because it’s simple and sweet and since we only announced our engagement on the weekend it leaves room to move in terms of theme.. OR Naturalist because we are hoping to getting married next spring in the (Aussie) bush and the flowers on the STD cards remind me of wild flowers :)

  • Shawna B.

    I would choose the Vintage Lace save the date :) This would go perfectly with the taupe lace bridesmaids dresses that I have already decided on and would be the perfect preview to my vintage Texas wedding! This is the BEST giveaway!

  • Anna-Maria

    Vintage photo save the date pleaseee!!!

  • Sheryl

    I love love love Tahoe or Heartland. Just perfect! Beautiful designs with a quirky element

  • Wow! So many to choose from! If I win this prize, I would love the Big Day save the dates in Coal, gravel and Pool! I think it represents Ashley and myself to a tee! Thanks so much for such a great opportunity!

  • Reina

    I love Vintage Tattoo and Mi Amor! Either would be so perfect for my romantic and vintage inspired wedding. Both capture romance in a stunningly creative way! I adore Hello!Lucky.

  • Kendra

    I love the big YES….NO save the date on the upper right, but I didn’t see it anywhere on their site. Otherwise my favorite is the ‘Take Note’ invitation! What an awesome giveaway!

  • Kimberly K

    I love the simple, classic look of Malaga.

  • Janna H

    Take Note
    Digital Save the Date Card
    Gravel … Thanks for the chance!

  • Rebecca

    Fingers crossed…they are so fun!

  • Lisa K.

    I’d go with “Big Day” : )

  • Kimber

    I’m still hoping to be one chosen as one of the lucky winners:) I still like Take Note.

  • Korrie

    Aww, so fun! I LOVE the yes/no response cards. The little smiley and frowny faces are adorable!

  • jennyC

    I love, love, love the ‘Cut Paper” in Chocolate, Lucky Red & Pool

  • Sarah

    Good thing we can enter once a day, because I am also in love with the Seagulls design! I’m having a very non-traditional wedding at the beach and the seagulls is the perfect mix of modern whimsy!

  • Here’s my once-a-day entry! Such great stuff =)

  • Natalie

    Nouveau Peonies is gorgeous! But I might have to go with the San Francisco one :)

  • Leah

    Wow–these are soooo cool! I will definitely be entering daily, as I would love to win!!! :)

  • I like bluebell or big day!

  • Elise

    i love the cut paper! i’m probably going to order those anyway.

  • My fiance loves the Take Note design in gravel since we can show off a fun engagement photo and notched corners are a design element we want to use throughout the wedding, so we’d love to win these! Thanks for the great giveaway :)

  • Christina

    i think the architecture design is lovely.

  • Heather H

    Seriously so hard to decide! I pick Vintage Tattoo. Thanks!

  • I love them all, if I had to pick it would be poppy stripe, wait no, heartland, wait… no Classic Cowboy! So hard to decide!

  • Molly

    Ooo, I love the Medjool and Meadow designs. The Seagull design looks really fun too. I’d love to have the misfortune of having to choose between them :)

  • Judith

    I love the big day save the dates! So cute and fresh!

  • Margo Beth

    Day 2…Trying again! My fiance and I hope to win the San Francisco Skyline design in black. We’ve been dreaming of including a classic SF image in our invitations suite from day 1. Fingers crossed.

  • Kat

    My fiance and I LOVE the “Visit San Francisco” design. In fact, that’s what we used for our October 15 wedding website! :)

  • sara

    i love the big day Save The Dates. Love the RSVP’s to them even more!!

  • Megan L.

    I would LOVE the Cherry Blossom! It would be perfect for our cherry blossom inspired theme and it matches with our color palette – blush pink, ivory and brown!

    Please pick me! :)

  • Bee

    They’re all so pretty! We’re having a woodland wedding, so the woodland damask is perfect!

  • Sarah

    I love the Cut Paper ones. Looks like Rob Ryan designs

  • hepsibob plodka

    I like the vintage tattoo save the date card- especially the horse shoe!

  • Brooke

    I love all of them! Take note and poppy line caught my eye =)

  • Eartha

    I would choose the Nouveau Peonies. Peonies are my favorite!

  • Kristen S.

    Heartland in black, grey and white would be amazing for our vintage themed wedding!

  • Nicole & Victor

    We love the Big Day style and the Nouveau Poppies in curry! -Thanks!

  • I love the vintage lace. Thanks from a great giveaway!

  • David

    My fiancee and I would love to use any of the photo Save-the-dates but especially the baroque frame.

  • Cristina

    I would choose the Vintage PhotoBooth! My fiance and I have a collection of photobooth photos we’ve taken over the years!

  • Nicole & Victor

    We adore the Nouveau Peonies and Bid Day!

  • Kendra Rose

    Tuscany in Espresso!

  • Rachel

    What a great giveaway! They’re all beautiful and unique but my favorite was Tahoe. Thanks!:)

  • Nicole & Victor

    Such a great giveaway, so generous! We love Nouveau Peonies in curry!

  • Miranda

    I love Big Day and Lunaria, both in their pool forms! Beautiful!

  • Amanda Belmares

    Big Day! In Coal and Pool :)

  • Ana R.

    It was hard to pick one but I’m loving Big Day!!

  • Teddy

    Love love love the Cherry Blossom! Thanks Ruffled and Hello Lucky for such awesome giveaway!

  • Joanne B

    We would choose the “Take Note” save the dates because we really want to use a pic of us dressed as Princess Leia and Han Solo. Yes, seriously. We do.

  • Masha

    I love them all but i think the architecture one is my favorite!!!

  • Kim

    Really love the Nouveau Peonies design :)

  • Melissa

    I love Big Day, but L’Oiseau is adorable as well!

  • Laura Stewart

    I like the Vintage Photo
    Photo Save the Date Postcard

  • Big Day is still my fav after browsing – and I’d still customize colors to match my wedding colors!

  • JP

    The seagulls save the date totally exudes the vibe we hope we have at our laid-back wedding on a bluff!

  • Allison

    I love ‘french deco’! It’s so simple and sweet, but still elegant and a touch different.

  • Aurora

    Baroque Frame is my fave!!! Totally matches my colors!!

  • Jackie H

    I love Visit New York!

  • Ijeoma

    Nouveau Peonies!

  • Deborah Ocasio

    I would be sooooo excited if I could win the Nouveau Peonies one!!! I am soo excited I cant stand it! What beautiful cards. Very unique. Thank you for such a generous give away

  • Heartland! Perfect for our fall-diy-barn wedding!

  • Vintage Tattoo, please!

  • Desi

    I still love the “special delivery” save the dates!

  • kim

    i Love the Notebook Doodle
    Photo Save the Date Postcard
    Gravel & Pool

    so cute!!

  • kenny c

    here’s my once-a-day entry!!!

  • i love the flowery field!!! please please please let me win!!! :)

  • DeAnna G

    I really like the Vintage Photo Save the Date Postcard!

  • DeAnna G

    I love the Vintage Photo Save the Date Postcard!

  • Kendra

    I love the Nouveau Peonies!

  • Heather H

    I pick Vintage Tattoo. Thanks!

  • kaleigh williams

    wooohoooo! I love the vintage save the data postcard :)

  • Brandi

    Coming back hoping that my once a day entry will help me win!

  • Molly

    After mulling it over for a day I’ve narrowed it down to Medjool and Seagull. They’re both so lovely!

  • Stefanie

    I love the notebook doodle! I want the save the date to reflect the wedding, and the fun and carefree postcard will do just that!

  • Kevin

    I think the vintage save the date would be great!

  • Hoping this Friday entry will be a winner! Happy Friday!

  • I would pick: “Vintage Bloom” in Lucky Red & Pool!!

  • Cynthia

    Malaga is beautiful and would be perfect for Joe and Kimberly!

  • Kajsa

    I am swooning over big day or heartland! I hope I win!

  • Lauren

    So many wonderful choices, vintage photo!

  • Dani

    I am in love with the Heartland and the Tahoe style invitations :). My fiance and I are on a budget we could use all the help.

  • Here’s my entry for today!

  • Kimber

    Here again is my once-a-day entry…I still like Take Note:)

  • Judith

    i’m still going to go with the big day

  • Josh

    I’d like the Nouveau Poppies

  • Precious

    I really love the look of Nouveau Poppies in curry.

  • David

    “We” would love vintage lace!

  • Thanks for the great giveaway. I love the vintage lace save-the-date.

  • KP

    My fiancee and I like Take Note.

  • Julie

    I would love to win some save-the-dates for my best friend’s wedding.

  • Today I asked for my partner’s opinion, and he chose Seagulls. Perhaps an homage to our hometown of Muskegon, MI, where we grew up on the lake!

  • Cameron

    I love love LOVE “Big Day”. It’s so fun! Hoping hoping to WIN :)

  • meredith

    i think i’m using hello lucky’s for our invitations and would LOVE matching save the dates–orchid design to go with our flowers!

  • Love them all!! If I had to choose I think Nouveau Peonies is beautiful! Thanks!

  • kenny c

    we would love flowery fields!

  • Lindsey K

    Flowery fields!

  • Harmony Owen

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the vintage photo booth!!

  • Abby Rose

    Sososososo darling. loves.

  • Kendra Rose

    I’m still loving the Tuscany is Espresso!

  • Eartha

    The Nouveau Peonies is just gorgeous!

  • Rachel

    My second entry = cut paper!

  • Heartland! Please, please, please!

  • flowery field! love it!

  • Heather Brown

    I absolutely adore the Take Note save the dates! They’re amazing and would fit so well!

  • Teddy

    Oh me me me! Please let me have the Cherry Blossom! Pretty please!

  • Amanda Belmares

    Big Day in Pool and Coal PLEASE!

  • Eric

    We love Big Day in pool!

  • Jen K

    So many to choose from…but I love Architecture in Navy & Pool.

  • Andy

    My favorites are Ritz and Ironwork.

  • Kimberly

    I would choose Ironwork or The big day.

  • sylvia

    i love the flowery fields!

  • Cera

    I love Special Deliveries! Too cute!!!

  • here’s my once-a-day!! flowery fields, of course!! :)
    crossing my fingers so tight they’re turning white.

  • kenny c

    yes, flowery field. please please please!

  • Lauren

    I *love* Hello!Lucky’s stuff. So cute :)

  • I like Big Day, and my partner prefers Seagulls. Both in mint and gold, with accents of blush/ivory.

  • we’re getting married lakeside in upstate ny. tahoe is the winner!

  • Katy

    I’m hoping to win for Antoinette!

  • Kelly

    I am in love with the Heartland STD series. We’re getting married on a farm and this design is absolutely perfect!!

  • Still love heartland! :)

  • Our theme, adventure & travel would go so well with the Special Delivery postcard save the dates!! So cute!!

  • Jen Wood

    It is so hard to choose just one when it comes to the work of Hello!Lucky but I really do love the suite of Amy + Jasper that was featured above. My friend also worked with Hello + Lucky on her invitations and the results were just amazing (as was the entire experience). Now that I’m engaged, I can only hope I can work with them too!

  • Molly

    Seagulls is really fun. It has that alternative vibe to it. Definitely a contender for my Maine wedding. How could it not be – it’s so cute!

  • I would love to win! (daily entry)

  • Deborah Ocasio

    I get to enter again!!! Whoo I am still in LOVE with Nouveau Peonies!!!!! Please please pick me!!!

  • Kimber

    I hope I win Take Note save-the-dates!

  • KP

    My fiancee and I like Take Note…

  • Julie

    It would be nice to win some save-the-dates for my friend’s wedding.

  • Dee

    My daughter likes Take Note!

  • I love vintage lace! Happy Saturday!

  • David

    My fiancee and I would like vintage lace. Thanks.

  • Jessica

    Yes please!

    I’m in love with the heart one.

  • Eric

    Big Day Please! In pool

  • Amanda Belmares

    I love Big Day in coal and pool!

  • Golds

    I adore Big Day. It’s so difficult to choose just one!

  • Kajsa

    Another entry for me: vintage photo!

  • Eartha

    They are all beautiful but my absolute favorite is the Nouveau Peonies. It is just beautiful!

  • kaleigh williams

    meadow = love.


  • Elise

    i love cut paper!

  • Kendra

    i love meadow! it’s so simple and chic!

  • Beth S

    I love the ironwork and the Tahoe designs.

  • Becca

    Big Day! Gravel and Grass!

  • thomas

    my fiance wants me to enter this: so, big day in gravel and grass please.

  • livi

    I ADORE the Heartland design! It’s so cute!!

  • Lauren

    Poppy Stripe in red and gravel or San Francisco Skyline…too pretty to pick!

  • Another entry for me! Special delivery save the date postcards! Yay!

  • Eartha

    I love the Nouveau Peonies!

  • Tim

    My fiancee loves the Nouveau Peonies

  • Thomas

    My sister likes the vintage photo save the date.

  • Kajsa

    My last entry: vintage photo! Fingers crossed!

  • Kimber

    Another entry…Take Note is my fave.

  • KP

    Take Note…

  • Dee

    I want to win Take Not for my daughter.

  • Julie

    Take Note for my best friend:)

  • My last entry!

  • Molly

    One more entry for me too! Really hoping for the Seagulls! Just so pretty!

  • Hepsibob Plodka

    The golden gate bridge one is really nice- I get a spectacular view of the bay on my drive to work each morning. Thanks!

  • Abby Rose

    loves Heartland! pick me! Pick me!!!

  • flowery field! crossing my fingers (still)

  • kenny c

    we would really love these save-the-dates! flowery field is our favorite!

  • Megan Greene

    Still adore heartland! Crossing my fingers!

  • Seth

    loving hearland!

  • Bethany

    My sister is getting married in October. Heartland would be perfect for her wedding!

  • Jarred

    We would love to see my girlfriend’s sister and her fiance win some save-the-dates! Heartland all the way!

  • Mitzi

    Heartland for my daughter!

  • Lindsey K

    my sister would love to win this! flowery field!

  • Bee

    Heartland for my sis!

  • Marcus


  • Megan

    Heartland would be perfect!

  • Christian

    My fiance loves heartland!

  • Beth

    My sister loves Cut Paper!

  • Loving Mother

    My baby girl loves cut paper!

  • Erin

    I love the “Big Day” design, in Coal and Lucky Red. :) Thanks.

  • Brittany

    I want the Take Note one!

  • Sergio

    The Meadow one is cool

  • Allie

    Nouveau Peonies!!!

  • Rachel

    Tahoe is clearly the choice for us as it’s simple with underlying tones of natural, playful and rustic. It explains our vision for the wedding and describes us to a T.

  • Meg

    Cut paper! I love it

  • Jane

    I am LOVING this blog :)
    And the Seagulls in the Chocolate, Curry, and Cobalt would be divine!!

  • Marie

    I love love love the flowers! They would be perfect for our vineyard wedding!

  • Angeli

    I love the Nouveau Peonies!!!

  • Meganly

    I know this can’t be an entry-but I’m about to explode waiting for the answer! they are so perfect!