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Destination Wedding Essential: Tempo Tonight

Destination Wedding Essential: Tempo Tonight

There are a few things everyone must have in their Destination Wedding welcome bags, and one of them is a foolproof hangover kit for when the bubbly bites. is an all natural pill that prevents hangovers by taking two before the party, and two pills once you get home. You can now buy in bulk at a discounted price to stuff your welcome boxes, which is pretty much the only thing you will need to bring with you on the plane – the rest you can easily find locally at your wedding destination!


is easy to use and comes in convenient prepackaged doses so you don’t have to worry about de-stashing and packaging them again for your guests. By taking two capsules before your first drink and two more before you go to bed, the tablets work in your system to target inflammation and toxicity in your liver. Each pill contains the highest quality ingredients from around the world and is completely natural. This hangover remedy is made out of all natural vitamins, herbs, enzymes and minerals and there is no caffeine, no sugar and no synthetic ingredients in Tempo Tonight’s products. The result is a morning after feeling refreshed and hangover free.

Mostly everything can be purchased at your destination. Bring the small packets of in your suitcase, and you can get the following at any local grocery store: water bottles, trail mix, power bars, fruits and essential toiletries that resorts typically don’t have in their rooms, such as toothpaste, sunscreen and aloe vera.


is perfect for destination wedding welcome bags and bachelorette/bachelor weekends. Simply buy them in bulk for your pre-wedding festivities and keep the rest to fill your out-of-town welcome tote bags.

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A night on the town has never been more fun than with Tempo Tonight. Get your directly from Tempo Tonight’s website, your guests will love you!

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