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Dessert Tables by Amy Atlas + Sweet Designs Book Giveaway!

Dessert Tables by Amy Atlas + Sweet Designs Book Giveaway!

This week marks the release of our dear friend Amy Atlas‘s newest book, Sweet Designs. As I’m sure many of you already know, Amy is one of the mothers of the dessert table trend that became a must in weddings. Her book Sweet Designs shares over 350 pages of recipes, DIY projects, styling tips, and amazing never-before-seen images with a broad audience and it’s a must have on your shelf for future parties to come. If you were contemplating doing your own wedding dessert table, this book is it.

amy atlas sweet designs book giveaway

In case you need a little more temptation in your life, take a minute to pore over a sneak peek of Sweet Designs:

Design above by P&J Design
And our ever favorite tables from Amy:

The book is receiving endless plaudits, and we’re delighted to say Ruffled is giving away one copy to a lucky reader. Simply leave a comment here below telling us a bit about your dessert table plans! We will announce the winner on Monday on our Facebook page.

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  • We are having our reception at a bar, so we are doing a selection of “boozy desserts”; Guiness cupcakes, vodka lemon drop cake balls, etc., of course in addition to a simple two tiered classic wedding cake for cutting. 😉

  • I’m a big fan of Amy Atlas and I’d love a copy fo this book. For my wedding I’ve got plans for cupcakes, cake pops, candy floss and maybe some macaroons too! Lots of bell jars and lovely vessels, of course.

  • We’ll have a cupcake tower decorated with handmade star picks and a moon topper, a cake made by the best man’s very talented mother, and churros with dipping sauce. Favors include Moon Pies!

  • I know we’ll be having a dessert table since neither my fiance or I are cake fans, so I’m hoping to have lots of mini pies, cookies, cream puffs and other fun desserts to appeal to us and our guests!

  • I’m going to leave the dessert table planning to my fiancee as long as I can help her with the tastings!

  • I plan to have all white and gold deserts: cake pops, mini cupcakes, rice crispies, dipped marshmallows, cookies, chocolate, etc.

  • We are planning on having a candy buffet with our cake as the centerpiece! My colors are navy and green, so I am going to try to pick out our fave candies in those colors. I love the white table featured in this post!! soooo classic and cute!

  • I want our dessert table to be woodland themed, but with fun little creatures added. Maybe some cake and cupcake toppers of spraypainted toy animals? 🙂

  • I don’t have many plans (but I guess that makes me a blank slate for endless possibilities!) but I do know I want a simply-decorated cake and macarons!

  • We’re planning a cookie favors bar with nostalgic cookie recipes! This book would be an awesome complement to help us plan for it!

  • I want my dessert table to showcase my star: the cake. However, these images really got my ideas churning, especially that cute chevron!

  • We Re having a June wedding in an old antiques refurbishing warehouse, and our sweets table will include our colors gray and yellow with antiques white dishes (our theme is vintage chic). Lots of ornate candy trays and cake stands and apothecary jars, two cakes and several pies (I’m from the south) with yellow candies like lemon heads and old fashioned rock candy sticks, plus cupcakes moon pies and cheesecake squares! I’ve crafted all the banners and signs myself. Can’t wait!

  • Oh would love to win this! We are having a dessert table with our rice krispie treat “cake”, jars of candy, cupcakes, cookies and other fun things!

  • Our august wedding will have a summer themed dessert table with cupcakes, cake pops as well as lemonade pitchers and ball jars! (And any other inspiring ideas from Amy Atlas’s Sweet Designs!)

  • How fun! I’m going to have cupcakes and a mini-cake for our dessert table. My mom and I also bought some large apothecary jars for a candy buffet – purple and yellow candy to match our colors! I’m considering also having some cake pops to eat too, but I haven’t quite figured out how to make them yet.

  • Thank you Pinterest for giving me WAY to many ideas on what to have at a dessert table. I go back and forth with something simple like my cake and color coordinated M&M’s and such or get more exciting with little cake pops, and pinata cookies (have you seen those? if not google it…so cute!) I’d love a book like this to pick a theme and stick with it! 🙂

  • We will have a candy bar and two cakes (one chocolate and one white). Our colors are multiple blues with some white accents. The table cloth will be white with a burlap runner. The cake stands and serving dishes will be glass and white china so they let the cake and candy stand out. The candies we choose will be blue and white tones with little silver scoops.

  • We are doing mini-desserts galore! And since it is a summer outdoor wedding, we wanted to do light, fruity desserts. Mini cupcakes (guava and mango flavors), mini shot glass desserts (banana cream pie and strawberry shortcake), mini key lime tarts and mini milkshakes with monogrammed cookies. Yum!

  • I have plans for a dessert table/candy bar featuring mini cupcakes in lieu of a cake. I’d like to have cakepops, pretzel rods, bars, cookies, candy and the whole works. If it has sugar, I’d include it!

  • I love looking at table designs though I have never set one up myself… Might go with ice cream theme with pink white stripes. I recently saw this idea where you can bake a cupcake into a mini ice cream cone and decorate it to look like ice cream. They’d look great on a table! Maybe coloured macarons, sweets and a soft serve machine!

  • We are getting married this July and we are going with a “take a slice” theme, with the color decorations being pink and poppy red. We are having our relatives make a variety of pies, tortes, cakes and tarts and displaying them on all different cake stands that we found at rummage sales!

  • Your table designs are creative, detailed and beautiful. I will be preparing a dessert table for my daughters graduation party. The colors will be Carolina blue, navy and white. I will create a nice back drop and I love the different tiers of to serve many types of small dessert on. A two tiered cake with a pom girl on top, and 2012 ,Cupcakes , sugar cookie pops, chocolate grad caps on a stick, mini fruit cups. I love entertaining and it is so much fun to follow the new trends….

  • Ive started buying cake stands, antique plates and candle holders to make my own stands to arrange all my desserts on.

  • We’re having a dessert table with the works–cake, pie, cookies, donuts, candy, chocolate. I have a dairy allergy and gluten allergy, so we’ll be doing our best to have some pretty, yummy treats that even I can enjoy.

  • I am from Italy and had never heard about Amy Atlas before, but these pics are stunning! I love cooking, especially baking, and would like to learn the arts of table trend!

  • We are having a brunch with mini quiches, fruit, and french macaroons on floral cake stands. We are also serving lemonade out of mason jars with light pink striped straws, and behind the table will be streamers in light pink, ivory and light light yellow.

  • I am having a rustic dessert table, filled with a variety of beautiful desserts for my mountain wedding. Of course I will decorate it with one of my custom burlap banners. Our baker is going to provide all of the stands and my florist is going to provide all the flowers and decor. I can’t wait! I would LOVE a copy of this book 🙂

  • Would love this book! I need ideas for my sister’s upcoming baby shower!

  • My next dessert table is going to be all about hot warm fresh outta the oven homestyle cookies with chilled refreshing grade A dairy! Can’t wait for the fun jars and adorable labels to pull everything together!

  • I’m a cookie (and baking) fanatic so I’m baking up a bunch of different kinds of cookies from my recipes and making them into a dessert table. Our wedding theme is rustic so our serving platters will be cuts of trees.

  • I’d love to have mini desserts~ cupcakes, cake pops, rainbow cookies, macarons, fruit tarts, and more!

  • i have four children and L.O.V.E. to plan their parties… huge amy atlas fan and frankly… need this book. 🙂 thanks for the chance!

  • As we are hiring a tennis club pavilion, there is nothing in the way of catering or a bar………….so we are making it into a village fete style wedding with a cake table, retro sweet shop, candy floss and toffee apple area, and soda pop crate bar. With these unique designs for inspiration we hope to go from drab to dashing!

  • I could use some inspiration for a dessert table I am planning for a Daddy/Daughter ball. I’m hoping for magic.

  • Amy is a real inspiration to women. I have followed her blog for some time now and would love to win this book! I am planning a “Western Themed” party for my grandson this August and could use all the help I can get.

  • I would love a copy of this book! I am putting together a dessert table for my sister’s wedding shower. The colors will be pink and gold with a little aqua thrown in. I’m making mini cupcakes, cakepops, and glitter sandwich cookies. I’ll do a candy buffet as the backdrop, complete with lollipop trees. I am obsessed with dessert displays!!!

  • I haven’t yet figured out how I want to style my dessert table but I know that it has to include macarons, heart shaped cherry pies, pastel pink lamingtons (it’s an australian thing), mini lemon merengue pies (my fiancee’s favourite), chocolate bliss balls and hummingbird cake with coconut icing. I’ve also got my eye out for a bunch of vintage cake stands… I think my fiancee is getting sick of me dragging him into second-hand stores every time I spot one 🙂

  • How exciting, I didn’t know she had a book. Our dessert table is going to be modeled after a French patisserie. Lots of macaroons, fruit tarts, chocolates, etc. 🙂

  • For my wedding, I’m not having a traditional tiered cake. My neighbor is making her delicious homemade cheesecakes, topped with fresh blackberries and for the bride and groom topper, I’m going to use two adorable silver birds from Terrain = ).

  • Different kinds of eclairs instead of cake. And lots of green and purple candy.

  • We are offering a cupcake bar! 2 flavors of cake, 3 frostings, 3 fillings and 8 toppings… i am dreaming of a vanilla cupcake with apple pie filling caramel frosting and bacon on top. We are also doing mini pies, donuts,cookies and candy apples!

  • We haven’t made specific plans yet, but we do know we’re going to do mini desserts. My fiance loves fruit tarts, so we’ll definitely be having mini fruit tartletts on the table for him!!!

  • Love her designs!!
    We are having all of the in-town guests bring pies, and we will award ribbons for the best home-made pies! Our sweets table will have cake stands of varying heights to display the pies.

  • We’re having a wedding cheese to cut and then asking our friends and family to bring cup cakes, finger cakes, mini puddings and pies with a bottle of chamagne as a prize for the most imaginative and fun (and yummy of course). And I’m really looking forward to judging them all. Yum!

  • Our dessert table will be similar to that of the orange table setting!! But these are all so gorgeous and stunning. We will have a small cutting cake, TONS of mini cupcakes, candies in apothecary jars, and a cute candy dish set that has our initials 🙂

  • I am a newbie at creating tablescapes for dessert tables. I’ve always done a lot of cooking, baking and hosting family get togethers, but this will take my cooking and entertaining to another level. Can’t wait to get this book and become a die heart fan of Amy’s.

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